Affiliate Portal Installation and Usage

How to Install and Use the Affiliate Portal Addon for AffiliateWP

The Affiliate Portal is a premium alternative to the Affiliate Area. It provides a modern elegant interface for your affiliates.

Similar to the Affiliate Area, your affiliates can log into their account and view their referral stats, generate affiliate links, and view their earnings.

What is different about the Affiliate Portal is that it is a full-screen experience. It does not load within your WordPress theme. It has its own styling, works great on all devices, and works perfectly with any WordPress theme.

In this article, we’ll show you how to install and set up the Affiliate Portal addon for AffiliateWP.

  1. Installing the Affiliate Portal Addon
  2. Admin Settings
  3. Compatible addons
  4. FAQs

1. Installing the Affiliate Portal Addon

Before we get started, be sure to install and activate AffiliateWP on your WordPress site.

Once you’ve got AffiliateWP installed and your license is verified, you’ll be able to quickly install and activate the Affiliate Portal addon.

After installing the Affiliate Portal addon, the next step is to enable the Affiliate Portal. To do this, navigate to AffiliateWP » Settings and then click on the Affiliate Portal tab.

Enabled Affiliate Portal
  1. Click on the checkbox to enable the Affiliate Portal.
  2. Click Save Changes.

2. Affiliate Portal – Admin settings

Once the Affiliate Portal addon has been installed and activated, a new Affiliate Portal tab will be visible within AffiliateWP’s settings at AffiliateWP » Settings.

This screen has various settings specific to the Affiliate Portal:

Allow Affiliate Feedback

Enabling this option will allow your affiliates to submit anonymous feedback directly to us, from within the Affiliate Portal. We’ll use this feedback to improve the user experience for all affiliates.


Upload or choose a logo to be displayed at the top of the Affiliate Portal. This logo provides a branded look and feel for your affiliate program.

Referral Link Sharing

By default, no sharing options are configured.

Once a sharing option is enabled, it will appear below the Referral URL generator on the Affiliate URLs screen of the Affiliate Portal. This allows an affiliate to quickly share their referral link via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Menu Links

The Menu Links option allows you to add additional links to the menu within the Affiliate Portal by adding a name for the link and selecting the page you want the link to be directed to.

Affiliate Portal Menu Links

Per Page Settings

Creatives Per Page

Specify the number of creatives (such as banners, promotional materials, etc.) to display per page.

Items Per Page

Set the number of items to show per page in most tables (e.g., referrals, affiliate accounts).

3. Affiliate Portal – Compatible addons

Below is a list of compatible AffiliateWP addons. These addons interact with the Affiliate Area so are also integrated with the Affiliate Portal.

Compatible addons

Incompatible addons

These addons are not compatible with the Affiliate Portal:

Affiliate Area Shortcodes

The individual affiliate area content displayed on separate pages created by the Affiliate Area Shortcodes addon won’t be visible when the Affiliate Portal is active.

Affiliate Area Tabs

The page content loaded by the Affiliate Area Tabs addon is completely styled by the active WordPress theme. Since the Affiliate Portal has its own custom design, it doesn’t load any of the theme’s CSS. This provides a consistent interface for affiliates.

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

The Affiliate Dashboard Sharing addon shows sharing options after the Affiliate Area’s “Generate URL” button has been clicked. With the Affiliate Portal, an affiliate’s referral link is instantly shown, without the need for an extra click. As such, similar sharing functionality has been directly built into the Affiliate Portal. If you’re using the Affiliate Portal addon, the Affiliate Dashboard Sharing addon is no longer needed.

4. Affiliate Portal – FAQs

Will the Affiliate Portal addon work with my current theme?

Yes, the Affiliate Portal addon is designed to work with almost any theme. There are these exceptions for the way they handle document paths and rewrites:

Are there any external plugins that conflict with the Affiliate Portal?

  • Permalink Manager Lite/Pro – A workaround is to check the pages box in the exclude content types settings for that plugin. This will allow them to coexist.

Will the Affiliate Portal addon work with the Affiliate Area Tabs addon.

No, the Affiliate Area Tabs addon is not compatible. Learn more here.

How can I view the Affiliate Portal?

The Affiliate Portal is only accessible by affiliates. To view the Affiliate Portal as an administrator you’ll first need to add your own user account as an affiliate.

Alternatively, install the User Switching plugin. AffiliateWP integrates with this plugin to add Switch To links in the action menu for every affiliate. You can find the Switch To link by hovering over any affiliate on the AffiliateWP » Affiliates screen. This is a great way to test what your affiliates see without needing to create your own affiliate account.