Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a simple, yet powerful membership solution for WordPress that allows you to lock away exclusive content for members. Protect your exclusive online content, and create an online membership site with Restrict Content Pro.

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Integration-specific features

Affiliate coupon tracking

Connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts with affiliate coupon tracking.

Membership-specific rates

The referral rate used to calculate affiliate commission can be set on a per-membership basis.

Reject referrals on refund

Referrals can be rejected if a purchase is refunded.

Supercharge your affiliate program with add-ons

Use these Pro add-ons with your Restrict Content Pro-powered site

(Available with the Professional license)

Affiliate Portal Icon

Affiliate Portal

Provides an optimized experience for affiliates via a custom dashboard user interface.

Rest API Add-on Icon

REST API Extended

Adds Create, Update, and Delete operations to the AffiliateWP REST API.

Zapier Add-on Icon

Zapier for AffiliateWP

Connect AffiliateWP to over 700 web services with Zapier!

Affiliate Landing Pages Icon

Affiliate Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link.

Direct Link Tracking Icon

Direct Link Tracking

Allow affiliates to link directly to your site, from their site, without the need for an affiliate link

Custom Affiliate Slugs Icon

Custom Affiliate Slugs

Automatically generate custom slugs, or let your affiliates create their own

Pushover Notifications Add-on Icon

Pushover Notifications

Send push notifications on new referrals to your affiliates!

Lifetime Commissions

Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer

Recurring Referrals

Track on-going referrals for subscription payments and membership plugins

Tiered Affiliate Rates Logo

Tiered Affiliate Rates

Reward your affiliates with higher commission rates

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing Add-on Icon

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

Allow your affiliates to easily share generated referral URLs

PayPal Logo

PayPal Payouts

Instantly pay affiliates. One click payments through PayPal

Use these Official free add-ons with your Restrict Content Pro-powered site

(Available for all license holders, woohoo!)

Affiliate QR Codes Icon

Affiliate QR Codes

Affiliates can save, print, or share their affiliate URL as a QR code


A set of blocks for use within the new WordPress editor

Starting Affiliate ID

Specify a custom ID for the very first affiliate who registers, or for the next affiliate registration

Affiliate Area Tabs

Manage the Affiliate Area's tabs

Affiliate Info

Show information based on the affiliate's referral URL

External Referral Links add-on for AffiliateWP

External Referral Links

Allows affiliates to promote external WordPress-based pages

Allow Own Referrals

Allows an affiliate to earn commission on their own referrals

Affiliate Area Shortcodes

Provides shortcodes for each tab of the Affiliate Area


Show a leaderboard of your top affiliates

Sign Up Bonus

Entice more affiliates to register by offering a sign up bonus

Force Pending Referrals

Force each referral to have a status of "pending" when created

Checkout Referrals

Allows a customer to award a referral to a specific affiliate at checkout

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