So we did.

We dreamed of an easy-to-use affiliate marketing solution that looked and felt like WordPress. We yearned for a platform that put the utmost importance on reliable tracking and accurate data. And we longed for a system that delivered the features needed to make setting up an affiliate program ridiculously simple.

Fed-up with frustrating experiences using other unreliable systems already in the market, we wanted an affiliate system that we loved to use.

And so, AffiliateWP was born.

With AffiliateWP, you get an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money. It’s designed to help you easily set up and run a successful affiliate program. AffiliateWP takes the hassle out of affiliate marketing so you can spend time focusing on what is most important — running your business.

AffiliateWP is our dream realized. Our customers love using AffiliateWP, we love using AffiliateWP, and we know you’ll love using it too.

Our story

In late 2010, Pippin Williamson was beginning to build his plugin development resource at Pippin needed a membership framework that allowed him to provide this content to members only, so he created Restrict Content Pro - a simple yet powerful membership plugin for WordPress. Soon after that, it became apparent that an eCommerce platform was needed to sell the plugins that Pippin was building, leading to the development of Easy Digital Downloads.

After Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro became prominent players in the eCommerce and membership spaces, a consistent trend arose: both Pippin and his customers were looking for a high-quality affiliate management system to help them grow their businesses. With that realization, the next plugin project became obvious; it was time to venture into the world of Affiliate Marketing.

AffiliateWP was founded in early 2014 with an aim to provide a top-notch, self-hosted, and intuitive affiliate management system for WordPress. And we’re not done yet! We are constantly working to bring you a more robust affiliate marketing offering with consistent updates, new features and new add-ons.

We’re immensely proud of AffiliateWP, and we can’t wait to hear how AffiliateWP helps you build a successful affiliate program and grow your business.

Oh, and meet Alf, our cheeky, friendly leader!


Teamwork makes the dream work Your AffiliateWP team (and Alf’s trusted employees)

Andrew Munro

Andrew Munro

Andrew co-founded AffiliateWP with Pippin in early 2014 after joining the Easy Digital Downloads crew in 2013 as a contributing developer, and authoring over 20 free and commercial EDD extensions. Bursting at the seams with ideas, he is constantly dreaming-up and executing new features and add-ons for AffiliateWP.

Andrew is a self-taught web designer/developer, and is the design mastermind behind the AffiliateWP, Restrict Content Pro and Pippin’s Plugins websites.

Hailing from New Zealand (Middle Earth) Andrew prides himself on efficiency, getting exercise as he codes from his trusty treadmill desk. His extreme productivity is fueled by walking up to 20,000 steps a day, and large servings of Groove Salad radio.

Drew Jaynes

Drew Jaynes

Drew Jaynes is a WordPress core developer, docs enthusiast, and plugin developer who hails from Arvada, Colorado. Drew has been developing with WordPress since 2008, initially contracting at a university and later working as a developer for an elite WordPress agency before joining the team at AffiliateWP.

Drew's contributions to WordPress are vast and have spanned the core, docs, meta, support, and community teams to name a few. He’s been contributing to WordPress since version 3.3 and even led the 4.2 release. He currently serves as the maintainer for core inline documentation.

In his spare time – other than doing WordPress when he's taking a break from WordPress – Drew likes to travel by plane, train, or automobile just about anywhere, but more often than not it's to the nearby Rocky Mountains for a variety of outdoor activities. Drew has even been known to stop and have a beer with Pippin when he's cruising through Kansas on his way to the great unknown.

Ginger Coolidge

Ginger Coolidge

After working from a cubicle slinging T-SQL and .NET for over a decade, and a short stint with iOS app support, Ginger broke into the WordPress world in late 2013 while looking for help on a real estate website. Before development her background included telephone support at a C:\ prompt, email support and QA. Ginger became part of the AffiliateWP team in early 2017, tackling support tickets, testing code changes and of course participating in various Slack shenanigans.

Ginger called Texas her home for many decades and speaks fluent Texan still to this day. (Y'all is a word) However, after many visits the call of the Pacific Ocean and West Coast vibe was too strong to ignore, and she now hails from the Central Oregon Coast. Screen breaks for Ginger include walking their purebred German Shepherd Anubis, drinking fabulous mocha coffee creations and exploring foodie and oceanic hiking adventures with her husband Jeff.

Tunbosun Ayinla

Tunbosun Ayinla

Tunbosun Ayinla is a WordPress plugin developer and enthusiast from Nigeria. He got into WordPress in 2013 reviewing themes submitted to the WordPress theme directory and started developing plugins in 2014. He is also a co-organizer of his local Meetup Group (Lagos WordPress Meetup community).

He started as a contributing developer to AffiliateWP before joining the team full time in October 2018.

When not on his computer Tunbosun loves reading books, playing games or catching up on TV shows.

David Beja

David Beja

David Beja is a WordPress plugin developer from Portugal. He joined the AffiliateWP team in 2020.

He started his career as an Electronics Engineer for testing software of military airplanes engines until he followed his passion for the web in 2010 and worked as a web developer for a TV channel and on UK real estate proptech. Since 2018 he's been working full-time as a WordPress developer helping hundreds of clients solve their WP problems.

When he's not debugging code, he can usually be found playing bass guitar until his fingers hurt, reading and spending time with his family.

Nina Pacifico

Nina Pacifico

Nina is a web developer with ever-changing, vibrantly colored hair from New York. She joined the AffiliateWP team in 2020.

While living in SF, she fell in love with coding and switched careers from sales and marketing to web development in 2014. As an INTJ, she strives for efficiency and overall improvement in all she does. After several years of freelancing, she decided to focus on WordPress. With this team, she’s able to utilize her love for both marketing and coding to add to AffiliateWP plugins.

She enjoys a nomadic lifestyle visiting friends and family everywhere with her husband and their adventure cat, Boe. She brings their fur baby out on various new experiences, such as hiking new trails in remote areas near the Canadian border or kayaking and sailing around. She’s also a bit of a foodie as well as a rucking and festival-going enthusiast.