How To Set Up An Affiliate Program For WooCommerce (Beginner’s Guide)

Want to set up an affiliate program for WooCommerce but don’t know where to start?  Using affiliate marketing software to…

AffiliateWP is Joining the Awesome Motive Family

Today, I’m excited to share that AffiliateWP along with all other Sandhills Development plugins are joining Awesome Motive.

Cookies and privacy: some things affiliate marketers should know

🍪 Let’s talk cookies, shall we? Not the yummy food ones, sorry. The web ones. There is a lot of talk and concern about cookies and privacy lately. What does it mean for AffiliateWP and affiliate marketers?

Automatically generate a QR code for affiliates

Allow your affiliates to promote your brand in new and creative ways with QR codes. This add-on automatically generates a QR code for each affiliate.

A powerful new way to create custom affiliate registration forms

First impressions matter. Put your best foot forward by creating custom affiliate registration forms perfectly tailored for your business.

Give affiliates a premium experience with the new Affiliate Portal

We have released the Affiliate Portal pro add-on! From now until the end of this month enter PORTAL at checkout. You’ll save $50 on any new Professional license (first year only) or on upgrades to the Professional license.

Affiliate Portal release candidate: we are almost there!

The Affiliate Portal release candidate is available for download. Learn more about compatibility with add-ons.

Now in beta 3: Affiliate Portal pro add-on

Name change! The Affiliate Dashboard will now be called the Affiliate Portal. Beta 3 is available now and full of improvements.

Affiliate Dashboard Beta 2: getting better every day

Our new Affiliate Dashboard is now in beta phase 2. Not an hour goes by that our global team of developers is not adding to the final polish. Your affiliates are going to l-o-v-e it. Learn and see more.

Now in beta: a better affiliate experience with the Affiliate Dashboard pro add-on

You’ve been asking for it. So we’ve been building it! After three months of hard work, we’re putting the finishing touches on and presenting to you the first beta version of our newest pro add-on, Affiliate Dashboard.

For affiliates: 5 profitable affiliate marketing niches you should consider

Recently we talked about three important elements of choosing an affiliate marketing niche. This time, we take a closer look at 5 profitable affiliate marketing niches that combine both trend appeal and longevity!

How Barn2 Plugins amplifies their business with AffiliateWP

UK-based couple Katie and Andy Keith have boosted the revenue of their software company Barn2 Plugins by nearly $150,000 thanks to affiliate marketing using AffiliateWP. In this edition of our Customer Showcase series, we take a look behind the scenes!