Uncommonly good support.

Michael Little FFH Nutrition, LLC

Great support, quick and efficient. A great tool too!

Maurice Parry PJ Group AB

AffiliateWP is an exceptional plugin. It’s easy to use, well-written, and just plain works.

Matt Gibbs FacetWP

AffiliateWP has allowed us to stop worrying about our affiliate program management every month and get on with building our business.

Adam W. Warner FooPlugins

AffiliateWP allowed me to have a feature rich affiliate system for WP-Push in less than 10 minutes. Super simple to setup, easy to maintain, and perfect for my needs.

Chris Klosowski WP-Push

Great technical support and great product. I just started using it but by far the best affiliate software out there on the market today. It’s also affordable!

Lee Adams Fan Coins

Ok wow…just wow. What outstanding Customer Support you guys provide. Very quick responses (within half a day), and you have solved my issues completely…thanks in a million!

Gijs Hosman Grijs Design

AffiliateWP is the best in the market. Easy to use and seamlessly integrates into our business model. They have thought of everything and the pricing is perfect. Thank you!

James Jones 3Public

The AffiliateWP plugin is solid, just like their support. Pippin has always developed the highest of quality products and has always been very approachable when I have needed help.

Matt Sells Antibox

AffiliateWP has provided me – as a new webmaster – the perfect solution for recruiting affiliates then tracking and processing their referrals. Simple, robust and reliable. I couldn’t ask for more.

Edward Banham-Hall ClinicalSkillsPro.com

EPIC! Andrew was most helpful and met all my needs both timely and patiently. He went the extra mile to make sure it all works, too. A very pleasant experience all in all!

Vuk Popovic

I am a complete newbie and totally a non-techie. It was easy to find the customer support feature to ask my question, and they answered my question within a few hours! GREAT customer service!!

Tracie Irvine LivingFreeLife.com

Fantastic customer service – I have limited tech skills and was worried about dealing with a company on a completely different time zone but the email support I have received from Michael has been exceptional.

David Rook Esale

AffiliateWP is really easy to set up and a great tool for creating your own affiliate system. Support was also very helpful in resolving issues. I can recommend this company, nice people to work with.

M Mulder

AffiliateWP is fantastic! Not just the product, but the support these guys offer. It’s second to none. The product just works, and the team behind it work hard to make you happy. Highly recommended!

Robert Scanlon

I needed a simple, user-friendly referral system to help promote my digital products on my site. AffiliateWP provides this for me along with an easy integration with my store. No other affiliate system available is better.

Sébastien Dumont Sebs Studio

I really appreciate the reliable support provided by AffiliateWP. It is just like having them a part of my team. Their reliable in their support which helps me integrate them into my company’s workflow. Thank you!

Kendall Cuellar

Affiliates can have a huge impact on sales, but the solutions out there are clunky. I wanted something self-hosted, well-written, and built on WordPress’ foundation. Coming from something dated, slow, and unstable: AffiliateWP is a breath of fresh air.

Jonathan Christopher SearchWP

I’m extremely pleased with AffiliateWP… it does everything I’ve wanted and searched for over the years. I’m getting some custom coding done to put the final piece in place… it’s perfect! Tech support is a 10 easy!

Roger Kelley

We’ve been using AffiliateWP for the past few months and we are thoroughly impressed by not only the functionality but even more so by the support. Michael is always extremely fast to respond and the answers he gives are very explanatory.

Danny Neess AvalonKing

Your support team is 100% fantastic. Within 24 hours on a business day I get a clear response with written directions and a screen shot. What more could one ask for? Seriously impressed.

Ginger Coolidge & Andrea Whitmer both handled issues for me. Both were great.

Michael Miller

I am new to using affiliate programs. The support I received at AffiliateWP was phenomenal! They answered every question in a timely manner, which made it easier for me to integrate AffiliateWP into my WP site and integrations like MailChimp and WooCommerce. Thanks AffiliateWP staff!

John Ossipinsky Ossipinsky Health Academy

Thank, thank, thank you Pippin and Team for an outstandingly simple but powerful WordPress affiliate plugin, AffiliateWP was easy to setup has excellent features like creatives shortcodes that render affiliate links. Always happy when I am using a Pippin Plugin!!

Paul Douglas Douglas Web & Graphic Design, Inc.

This is a powerful plugin that can take your business to the next level. I found the integration robust and the support fantastic. The response to my questions was very fast and installation issues were resolved quickly. I look forward to introducing this product to many more clients.

Suzi Wilson Gulf Coast Web Net

I have been actively participating in Affiliate Marketing for the last few years. In the due course of time, I have joined numerous Affiliate Programs. Among them, every 3 out of 5 in-house WordPress Affiliate Programs are using AffiliateWP software. That shows its popularity and reliability as a WordPress Affiliate Plugin!

Nirmal Kumar OnlineRockersHub

Our customers have been asking for an affiliate system for years. The last system we used was junk which is why I held off from using another system. Setting up AffiliateWP with WooCommerce was extremely easy and it has been huge for our business. The support is really great too!

Travis G. Poole travelingmailbox.com

Many thanks for creating AffiliateWP! After trying a similar plugin (way too hard to use and more expensive) we were delighted to find your plugin easy to set up and we love the efficiency of the admin and affiliate panels. Your responsive support was outstanding when we needed it. Thanks again.

Dennis Goff Ignite Online Success

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone at AffiliateWP. Your commitment to your customers was what won me over.
I am not a tech guy or developer and found your program easy to use but when I did need help Ginger was there every step of the way. Thanks

Robert Laz Cloud Cast TV

Highly recommended for everybody who is looking for a high quality and rich featured affiliate marketing plugin. It is easy to setup, and the most important thing is… the support team are GREAT! They act fast and are very helpful to make sure the plugin works properly. Good work guys, awesome support!

Hendra Tan karirplus.com

Do you know why I love AffiliateWP? Because they make me look good. The #1 comment I get from new affiliates to my course is how easy, intuitive and sexy the affiliate program looks on my site. And in turn, they’re eager and excited to promote my course and make us both money.

Paul Jarvis Chimp Essentials

I have just signed up, and I can’t believe how amazing technical support has been for me, especially since I am trying to get set up and rolling with little hiccups when setting AffiliateWP up.

This just deepens the customer relationship for me, and am an incredibly happy customer right out of the gates!

Sunil Godse Intuitionology

AffiliateWP is so easy to use. Whenever I have a problem support (Michael specifically) has been quick, patient, and kicked butt. After I found out how to add the plugins to WordPress (which is much easier than I expected) this made me, and my affiliates, happier because things could be fixed or added quickly and painlessly.

Allie Schefdore

AffiliateWP is awesome! It has a huge scope of functions but is still very easy to set up. Thanks to all the shortcodes AffiliateWP is extremely flexible. The support is fast and always on point. All in all, AffiliateWP is the best choice when it comes to set up an affiliate program for your own store. Thanks!

Lukas Langhammer Store of Ideas

Making the best choice for an affiliate plugin is an important decision. I spent the time and did the research. After speedy pre-sale support I decided to give AffiliateWP a try. I purchased a license and their post-purchase support has been just as phenomenal! Stop wasting time! Buy AffiliateWP. It is powerful, customizable, and support is second to none!

Jason Ansley

I cannot express how much I appreciate the work of AffiliateWP’s support.

I had an issue with Affiliates not being awarded and they had their developers do rigorous test to find the problem.

Head’s up! You cannot have an Emoji in your products name or it will not award the correct affiliate!


Dean White Boost Media Marketing

Andrea helped me through a complex process of adjusting our current set up to meet all of our needs. She was patient, thorough, easy to understand and stuck with me through multiple emails over a couple of days to insure everything got working just right to meet our needs! Very impressed with her dedication to quick and thorough replies.

Jennifer Coveny Soul Tribe Online

Very user-friendly affiliate plugin and probably the best on the market. The integration was super easy and it worked out of the box. The documentation is very detailed and covers all subjects, there was nothing that I couldn’t find in the documentation. If you are looking to create an affiliate program on your WordPress website, I recommend AffiliateWP without hesitation.

Denis A.

I’ve tried a couple of other affiliate plugins for WooCommerce and AffiliateWP is definitely the best one: its minimal dashboard interface makes it very easy to setup and use, but still provides a lot of flexibility (such as per-affiliate and per-product rates) and the signup process for new affiliates is very smooth and streamlined. Plus, Pippin provides an awesome customer service.

Enrico Cassinelli

AffiliateWP is the only affiliate plugin I even considered for my business, simply because I knew it was powered by a team of talented developers. I’d been using (and loving) Easy Digital Downloads for years, and knew that AffiliateWP was the clear choice for an affiliate programme. Not only does the plugin work exactly as I need, but it’s also backed by clean, extendable code.

Ashley Evans NoseGraze.com

Woooooow! The support from these guys is outstanding! I’m zero tech savvy, and they explained things so simple and nice! They got involved in my project and helped me through the backend to solve ONE issue I had in less than 3 hours! Not a lot of developers would do this!
Super recommended!!! Buy the plugin and relax, these guys will help you through anything!! Thanks again!!

Bego Negrete

Working solely from online referrals, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with the AffiliateWP plugin for WordPress. It was only days into testing their product that I secured a Professional plan. With over 15 years of development experience at js-interactive.com, AffiliateWP is at the top of my list for robust solutions that is developer-friendly and easily customizable for even a novice developer. Highly recommended.

Justin Staples JS Interactive

The team at AffiliateWP provided excellent support as I installed the plugin and began testing. Even though I ran into some issues that ultimately were due to my browser configuration, Andrew and Lisa went above and beyond to test and configure settings on my site once I provided them a user account.

Definitely a great WordPress Affiliate plugin that eliminates the need for dynamic coding and expensive developer costs.

Raul Pla Planeta Media

AffiliateWP is the easiest way to create an affiliate program for your WordPress site! We LOVE using it for our sites and businesses. The ease of integrating an affiliate program is incredibly efficient. Not only that, but the plugin and add-ons are affordable, powerful, and it is backed up by awesome customer service and continued hard work of improvements. I couldn’t be happier! Call me impressed, Pippin’s plugins. 🙂

Sinoun Chea ShiftWebSolutions.com

AffiliateWP is hands-down the easiest affiliate system I have ever seen or worked with. With just a few clicks I had it installed and configured to my specific needs. The only thing easier than actually using this plugin was the decision to buy it. How can you say ‘no’ to something that was built by two of the most respected developers in the community and has a 100% refund policy?

Brian Richards WPSessions

I know I have been emailing you in two threads about two separate things. Can I just say you guys have the BEST support team I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I know I have sent you guys many tickets over the last couple of months and you guys have never ceased to impress. I love your plugin and I love you guys.

Well done and thanks!

Jonathan Herrington PixelMEDIA

I have to take a moment and tell you I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I checked some code too and this is a well produced plugin! Well done! I’ve tried several other plugins in the same segment and this is without a doubt the best one I’ve seen. Have more clients waiting for this type of functionality and will for sure come back to you and purchase additional packages.

Fredrik Andersson www.allguna.se

In the past I tested a few ways to manage affiliate programs for my projects but they didn’t work well. Then I found AffiliateWP and fall in love! It’s really the best way to build up your own affiliate program without relying on third party providers.

The team behind AffiliateWP does a really awesome job: Their code is lightweight and solid. The offered support very fast, helpful and friendly.

Don’t want to miss AffiliateWP anymore! 🙂

Florian D. flowdee media

AffiliateWP is absolutely the most powerful and flexible referral application we’ve ever used. From tracking accuracy to tons of under-the-hood features and add-ons, this is by far the one program you need to have for marketing your products and services. Moreover, the support team has been extremely helpful with answering our questions in a timely manner. It’s hard to find this kind of customer service online.

AffiliateWP: Get it. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.

Marco F Organica Phytopharma

Michael B. was so helpful, he was quick to respond and so polite and accurate with answering all of my questions. He worked with me for over two weeks via email to get the plug-in up and running correctly. He has great customer service and is very prompt that is something that is gold standard to me in the customer service section. I truly thank you for a wonderful plug-in, but I’m most grateful for the excellent customer service.

Bioncha Wright BDivine

I have been using AffiliateWP and Restrict Content Pro for quite some time and on multiple projects and I’m an happy customer. Pippins’ plugins are always consistent in term of code quality. It makes it a breeze to go through the code and add customization for particular needs. If this wasn’t enough, they always come with an awesome and responsive support, probably the best I have seen in the WP ecosystem. My only regret is I wish they built even more plugins 🙂

Michael Dorchain Redstratus, Inc.

I first learned of AffiliateWP when an incoming client’s website was already using it. I needed to get up to speed with it and do a lot of customizing to get it where the client wanted it. I reached out to the support staff with a few questions but was not prepared for the high quality of assistance they returned. Honestly, I’ve never had such great support from any other WordPress developer. I’m extremely pleased and would recommend their plugins without reservation.

James Batchelder Rest Easy Hosting

I have always been afraid to start an affiliate program for our company; it was just too big of a project. But then I found out about AffiliateWP. I studied the documentation and it all seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t. I installed the plugin and a couple add-ons. I was up and running in mere minutes. By the end of the first day, I already had my first handful of affiliates promoting our products.

AffiliateWP has been the single greatest improvement for our online presence.

Michael Haley Stockton Aloe 1

Honestly!!! I am thrilled and super excited to be able to give a Testimonial. I want anyone reading this to know, I can say, AffiliateWP is the BEST! Truly. At the time of writing this, I haven’t yet used their service, but, I wrote them a question, and it was instantaneous. Just couldn’t believe I would be addressed that fast. Man, If every organization ran the way AffiliateWP does, I think the Internet model and peoples’ lives in general would change. I love you AffiliateWP. Thanks so much!!!

Victor Adeshile WebtekMasters Innovations

I purchased AffiliateWP and decided to install it myself on my site. The install went fairly smooth but had a couple of snags that I just couldn’t figure out. Contacted affiliateWP support and within 30 minutes their team jumped into action to resolve my issues. Everything now works just as advertised and couldn’t be happier with how quickly they responded and took care of me. Wish more company’s were like them! This is my second affiliate program and I love the fact that I have full control over all the aspects of it.

Gene Trumbull Custom Built Spas

We switched to AffiliateWP because we were looking for a well-coded, reliable affiliate program. So far it has proved to be just what we needed. The backend is very easy to use and reduces the time we spend on the affiliate program each month. The affiliate area is nicely designed and very useful for our affiliates. We like the fact that AffiliateWP only needs one plugin and works straight out of the box, whereas other affiliate programs require several different plugins to work. And most importantly, the support from the AffiliateWP team has been excellent.

James Wilkinson

I have been using Pippin’s plugins for a few years now. I mostly use Restrict Content Pro, AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads and a variety of add ons for each. As a web developer, I can tell you that the documentation is AMAZING and makes life super easy. And, they are developers that develop for developers in mind. Their support is second to none and most ideas are legitimately taken into consideration and sometimes implemented. I will continue to keep using Pippin’s plugins and recommend them to anybody that I believe it would be a good fit for.

Chuck Allen Mr. WPress

We’ve tried a few affiliate solutions. We’ve even thought of building our own affiliate plugin. But then we found AffiliateWP. And it’s all settled.

The plugin works flawlessly out of the box while the documentation is comprehensive and easy to follow. It’s also straightforward to customize the look and feel of the affiliate area to meet our specific needs. AffiliateWP makes it super easy for us to integrate with our 3rd-party ecommerce platform.

We’d like to thank awesome people behind AffiliateWP too – Pippin, Andrew, and Lisa. They’re nice, dedicated, and talented people. You guys are someone we always look up to when building our own products.

Our team at Prevent Direct Access wholeheartedly recommend AffiliateWP!

Tim Alan Prevent Direct Access

If you are looking for an affiliate plugin for your WordPress site, look no further!

You have found the best plugin backed by the best support and with the most functionality and fastest development and improvement time I have ever seen with any WordPress product ever! I have tried multiple other options and invested countless hours and lots of money into WordPress Affiliate systems that were not nearly as intuitive, powerful or well thought out as AffiliateWP. Add to that the amazingly fast support response from the developers and owners, Pippin & Andrew, and I am not sure why you are still reading this. Go buy the plugin! You will not regret it and you, your affiliates and your wallet will be so glad you did!

Griffin Stewart 5DayDeal LLC

Honestly, I’m super picky about what plugins I’ll run on my sites. I’ve wanted to set up an affiliate program for a while, but all of the plugins I tried were buggy, overloaded with options, and difficult to use. When I heard Pippin was going to build one, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Now that I’ve used it, I can honestly say that he’s completely outdone himself. AffiliateWP is by far the most well-coded and easiest-to-use affiliate management plugin ever made for WordPress. There’s no crazy setup or clunky dashboard to deal with.

Everything works exactly like it should; just like core WordPress features. You literally install AffiliateWP, pick an option or two, and within a few minutes you’ve got a fully-functioning affiliate program. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Audit WP

I’m so glad to have found AffiliateWP! As a coach, I wanted to expand my reach through affiliates but my first experience with a different affiliate company was such a disaster it put me off of feeling like I could deal with the technical issues of affiliate software for a long time. I decided I had to try again and I found AffiliateWP. It was easy to install. When I had questions about the Optimize Press integration plug-in Michael responded within 20 minutes!! I had a second question which I put in late on a Friday and didn’t expect an answer until the following Monday, but again, I was answered that day. This support is fantastic and unprecedented in my experience. My questions were resolved both quickly and easily, so that even I, totally non-techie, could understand what to do. Everything is up and running smoothly. Thanks AffiliateWP team!

Estra Roell America's Life Purpose Coach

Wow! You guys have done it again! I never cease to be impressed by the quality and ingenuity that comes from this team. AffiliateWP is feature packed right out the door and ridiculously easy to set up and use. So easy in fact, that after about a 5 minute install and configuration I had to scratch my head and say ‘Wait, what? That can’t be it can it?’. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

What this plugin does for WordPress far surpasses any affiliate solution that I have found. Everything that I’ve used up to this point has been over polluted and unnecessarily complicated, but AffiliateWP is simple, clean, easy to use and here’s the best part, it just works. No bull, no smoke and mirrors, out of the box it works, beautifully.

On top of all that, it is supported by an industry changing team that is beyond comparison. Never will you find a group of developers more committed to excellence and future development than these guys. Truly a great plugin and an amazing resource. Thank you!

Janna Gilleland

Over the years, I’ve fallen victim to 3rd party tech support “outsourced teams” who had little experience with the application and could not resolve various simple issues. It was a huge waste of time, money and effort.

Since 2010, our #1 criteria for ALL Vendor Partners is tech support. In other words…. do they respond. And, if so, how quickly — and do they work to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

I am happy to report that I sent a ticket in to AffiliateWP late on a Saturday night. On Sunday morning I had a response and the issue was resolved. But, as it turned out, I executed the “fix” incorrectly, so, I sent another email to tech support on Sunday late morning. Within a few hours tech support responded, again, and politely pointed out my error in execution.

Mind you, this is ALL happening on a SUNDAY. Yes…. a SUNDAY.

The team and I are totally blown away by this level of tech support and responsiveness. I would rate AffiliateWP tech support a 10+ or 5 stars or A+A+A+A+A+

Total fan!

Art Rothafel Private Label Fitness

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    It took me way too long, but I've finally migrated to @affwp. Feel like I've scrubbed my body clean of that old affiliate platform.

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