All AffiliateWP customers will soon be able to create custom affiliate registration forms without any add-ons or custom development.

First impressions matter. A lot. Start with your best foot forward by customizing your affiliate registration form. Make it look just how you want. Add and remove fields. Tweak the wording of field labels and placeholder text. Choose required and optional information in a way that perfectly suits your business.

Today we’d like to preview a new way of creating the perfect affiliate registration form. This will be available soon as part of version 2.8.

The challenge

Until now, customizing the affiliate registration form could be cumbersome. You had three options.

  1. Modifying a template file, which gives you all sorts of control, but also requires some knowledge of HTML and/or PHP coding.
  2. Using the Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms pro add-on, which is powerful, if you use Gravity Forms.
  3. Using the Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms pro add-on, also powerful, but you need to be using Ninja Forms.

These are all good options. But we’ve been hearing from many of you that you need other customization options. So we are adding another option!

The solution – another way!

Now we’re unlocking the power of Gutenberg to let you easily build customized affiliate registration forms. You won’t need to make any edits to template files, hire a developer, or use a form plugin alongside one of our pro add-ons.

This option will be available to all AffiliateWP customers with an active license! 🥳

Introducing the Affiliate Registration block

With the new Affiliate Registration block, you’ll be able to build a fully custom form…visually. You won’t need coding or add-ons. Let’s look at some of the features.

Preview the affiliate registration form

Get a visual representation of how the affiliate registration form looks without needing to exit the WordPress editor.

Add custom form fields

Ask your affiliates for their Twitter account, Instagram handle, company name, phone number or anything else you need!

Screenshot - custom fields on the custom affiliate registration form
Adding custom fields

Re-order form fields

Drag and drop form fields, or use the arrow controls to get the order you prefer.

Screenshot - re-order fields on the custom affiliate registration form
Re-ordering form fields

Edit form field labels and placeholder text

Easily change the label text for any form field without needing a translation plugin. We’ve also introduced placeholder text which you can also edit.

Screenshot - edit labels and placeholder text on the custom affiliate registration form
Editing labels and placeholder text

Make fields required/not required

Make almost any field required or not required. The registration form now shows “(required)” text for any required field.

Screenshot - require or don't require fields on the custom affiliate registration form
Making fields required or not required

Change the button text

Maybe ‘Register’ is not the best word for the button at the end of your form. Try ‘Join us’ or anything else that better matches your brand and voice.

Screenshot - edit button text on the custom affiliate registration form
Editing registration button text

Remove fields

Don’t want to ask your affiliates how they intend to promote you? You can now remove that or any other field if you don’t need it.

Create multiple affiliate registration forms

Add more than one custom affiliate registration form to your site. You can add a unique form to any page. You may want to do this, for example, if you have dedicated landing pages or are segmenting affiliates based on different events.

In addition, all form data will be available to you when you need to review an affiliate’s application.

Coming soon to an AffiliateWP near you

The Affiliate Registration block will be available with the release of AffiliateWP v2.8.

If you’d like to try the block out sooner, and help us test it, it will be available with the v2.8 development release. Opt-in to development releases from Affiliates → Settings → Misc.

➡️ Remember, we do not recommend running a development or beta release on your production website.

What else would you like to see with the affiliate registration block? Drop a comment below!

Joe Wells

About the author: Joe is a Product Marketing Specialist at Awesome Motive. For years he’s been helping people and organizations kill it with WordPress. He is also the founder of a new alternative accounting solution for your side hustle or small biz called HustleBooks (powered by Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP). He and his family live and play just outside Detroit. A busy dad, he enjoys running, watching and creating films.


  1. Awesome update. Will help a lot with weird issue we had with affiliate signup where there userID ended up as their email address vs usable string for affiliate links. Email address should never be used as userID since it’s a privacy issue, but also not elegant. Somehow, it was not clear on default form to set a user ID/name. So, better form options will be huge help! 🙂

    1. Thanks Christopher! I can see what you mean, someone might assume they should use their email as their ID, and that could get ugl-, I mean, not elegant. Yes, fully customizable forms will be so helpful for so many use cases. Options for all the things!

  2. Hi,

    Will it be possible to add custom payment input fields in the form and this new custom fields will be automatically added to the csv export file for payments?

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