Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms Installation and Usage

How to Install and Use the Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms Add-on for AffiliateWP

The Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms add-on makes it exceptionally easy to create a custom registration form for your affiliates using the popular WordPress form plugin, Gravity Forms.

In this article, we’ll show you how to install and set up the Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms add-on for AffiliateWP.

  1. Creating an Affiliate Registration Form
  2. Displaying the Affiliate Registration Form
  3. Form Fields
  4. Email Tags
  5. Add Affiliates to a Mailing List

1. Creating an affiliate registration form

  • With both Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms and the Gravity Forms plugin installed, go to Forms » New Form
  • Give your form a title and click Create Form
  • Go to Form Settings, and in the Form Options section enable the AffiliateWP registration checkbox
  • Click Update Form Settings
  • Go back to the Form Editor, add the fields you need and click Update Form

Import a prebuilt form

If you don’t want to build the form from scratch, here’s a form (unzip this first) that you can import which will create the affiliate registration form for you. To import this form:

  • Download this file to your computer
  • Go to Forms » Import/Export
  • From the Import form tab, click the browse button, locate the file you downloaded from step one above and click Import
  • After you’ve successfully imported the form, go to Forms » Forms, and you’ll see the new Affiliate Registration Form

2. Displaying the affiliate registration form

There are 3 ways you can display the affiliate registration form:

  • Use the [ affiliate_area ] shortcode. AffiliateWP’s standard affiliate registration form will be replaced with the new form.
  • Use the  [ affiliate_registration ] shortcode. AffiliateWP’s standard affiliate registration form will be replaced with the new form.
  • Use the Add Form button above the WordPress editor to insert the Gravity form. This will insert the form using the [gravity_form] shortcode.  Alternatively you can also use a Gravity Forms block with the Gravity form selected.
  • Confirmation Notifications: If you plan to display a text Confirmation Notification when the form is submitted, you’ll need to use one of these methods vs the affiliate shortcodes mentioned above, otherwise the confirmation text will not display.

3. Form fields

Available fields

There are 3 new field types available which you can use in your affiliate registration form:

AffiliateWP Gravity Forms Fields

The affiliate will enter their desired WordPress username. The WordPress username is used in Affiliate URLs.

Although the username field isn’t required, if your affiliates intend on using the “username” variation of their  referral URL, it would be a good idea to include it, and make it a required field. If the username field isn’t added, an affiliate’s WordPress username is created from their email address (which is required). Because of this, an affiliate will share their referral URL with their email address included.

Promo Method
The affiliate will tell you how they will be promoting your website.

Payment Email
If the affiliate has a different email address that they use for payments they can enter it into this field.

In addition to the above, you can add any field you’d like!

AffiliateWP Gravity Forms custom fields

Required fields

At the very minimum, your affiliate registration form must have an  Email field. This is a standard Gravity Forms field. You can find it in the Advanced Fields section of the form editor:

Gravity Forms Advanced Fields

If no email field is added, an error message will be shown at the top of the form.

Optional fields

If no username field is shown, the username for the affiliate is created from their email address, and is included in an email to them after registration.

This is a standard Gravity Forms field found in the Advanced Fields section of the form editor. If no password field is shown, a random password will be generated and the affiliates will need to use the default Lost Password? reset link to setup their own password.  Given this rather disjointed workflow, it is recommended to include the Password fields for a better on-boarding experience overall.

Promotion Method
The affiliate will tell you how they will be promoting your website.

4. Email Tags

When Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms is active a new checkbox option called Create AffiliateWP email tag will be shown when you expand a single field in the form editor.

AffiliateWP Gravity Forms Email Tag

When you enable this option and save, a new email tag will be available on the AffiliateWP » Settings » Emails tab.

AffiliateWP Gravity Forms Email Tag usage

You can use these email tags in any of the emails.

Some fields in the form editor do not have this checkbox option. This is because they are already mapped to the default email tags in AffiliateWP:

Use the standard {user_name} email tag

Website URL
Use the standard {website} tag

Promotion Method
Use the standard {promo_method} tag

Use the standard {user_email} tag

5. Add affiliates to a mailing list

If you’d like to add your affiliates to your email mailing list when they register, Gravity Forms provides several add-ons for popular email marketing systems. You can verify what is available with your current Gravity Forms license by visiting their add-on page here: