Exactly 365 days ago, we released AffiliateWP version 1.0 to the world. Today, we are excited to announce the release of version 1.6, the next major version of AffiliateWP that introduces new integrations and some excellent new features, along with a few bug fixes that will make managing your affiliates an easier and smoother experience.

Version 1.6 introduces several new features and made some significant improvements to existing features. Let’s take a brief look at what has changed:

New integrations

One of the aspects of AffiliateWP that makes it so easy to use is the one-click-to-enable integrations with many of the popular eCommerce and membership platforms for WordPress. With v1.6, we have added four new integrations, making AffiliateWP more accessible and more powerful for a wider audience of users. The following plugins now have direct integrations:

If you use one of these plugins, you can enable affiliate tracking from Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and then AffiliateWP will handle the rest!

Configurable emails

With version 1.6, we have introduced a new tab in the Settings page that allows you to configure all emails that get sent out to affiliates when they register for an account or earn a new referral.

All emails are sent in beautiful HTML templates that can be easily edited at anytime. These template files can be copied to your theme’s “affiliatewp/emails” folder to give you complete control over the appearance of the emails.

Referral URL Options

For 1.6, we have added more fine-tuned control over how referral URLs appear to affiliates. Your affiliates can already promote your website using a wide variety of Affiliate URLs. Admins now have much more control over how these referral URLs appear to affiliates on the front-end of your website. You can set a Default Referral Format (ID or username) and choose whether or not to show Pretty Affiliate URLs to your affiliates.

Additional Updates

Affiiate Export Improvements

The affiliate’s username is now included in the exported affiliate .csv file.

New Affiliate Meta Class

We’ve introduced a new metadata API for afiliate accounts that provides developers with a powerful tool for tracking affiliate-specific data.

Creative Improvements

We’ve made improvements to the way creatives are shown. The description is now shown at the top of the creative and it’s much easier for affiliates to copy the necessary code.

Affiliate Dashboard Improvements

Pending affiliates can no longer access the affiliate dashboard until they have been approved.

Template File Changes

Several of the template files for the affiliate area have been updated in order to take advantage of new features. If you do not see the changes in the affiliate area, it is probably due to the template files being copied to your theme’s “affiliate-wp” folder. In order for the new changes to show up, you will need to update your modified versions of the files.

AffiliateWP version 1.6 can be installed directly from the WordPress Plugins page for all customers that hold a valid license key that has been activated from the settings page.

If you don’t have a license key yet and would like to get one today, you can purchase a license from the Pricing page, starting at $99.

We hope that you find these improvements useful and, as always, if you have any issues or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Pippin Williamson

About the author: Pippin Williamson is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development.


  1. Good with an update, but there’s nowhere to install it. You suggest there should be a way to do it easily on the dashboard. I can’t find a way. There are no update buttons anywhere, even if my API key runs just fine.

    Please advise.


    1. Hi Eivind,

      To install the update, first grab a copy of your license key. The license key was included in your purchase receipt email.

      Once you have the license key, go to Affiliates > Settings and enter it in the License Key field and click Activate: https://cloudup.com/c8WdWXhAPIg

      Once you’ve done that, you should see an update notification in the plugins section.

      1. Hi Glenn,

        As long as you have activated your license key in Affiliates > Settings, you should see an update notification. If you don’t, send us a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help get you updated.

  2. I want to add an Affiliate Program to a freelance marketplace where people can become affiliates and refer their friends earning a commission for every employer that post a project or freelancer that sign up.

    Is possible to pay when someone post a project a commission and then when a freelancer sign up to pay a commission as well?

    Is this plugin suitable for such website? Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Hi Mario,

      Yes, as a basic example this can be achieved via our [affiliate_conversion_script] shortcode. You would place this shortcode on the “success” page that either the freelancer or employer lands on after posting project/signing up. A more in-depth example would be to use some custom code to generate different commission amounts depending on the project etc.

      You can generate a referral for both someone posting a project and when a freelancer signs up, just redirect them to different “success” pages. Feel free to contact us via our support page for anymore pre sale questions.

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