Payout Statements for AffiliateWP is a new 3rd-party add-on by Florian that allows you to create printable payout statements (invoices) for affiliates and shop owners.

With the ability to create payout statements for your affiliates, you can take control of your accounting while helping out your affiliates. Keeping track of where affiliate money comes from can be a pain, but affiliates lives just got a whole lot easier with the release of this add-on!

Payout Statements is compatible with AffiliateWP 1.9+. We added a new payouts screen to AffiliateWP in 1.9, which also came with some great developer extensibility that Florian took advantage of to make a solid add-on.

As of early September 2020, a new update has seen tax and VAT support added to payout statements.

The store owner and the affiliate select their countries, and enter their tax numbers and tax rate. The Payouts Statements plugin can now calculate the included tax amount for every payout (it does not add tax amount on top of the payout amount, the tax is always included or not).

The plugin also checks whether EU VAT Reverse Charge can be applied or not, and the rate is set to 0% automatically.

Pricing for the Payout Statements add-on starts at only €49.00 for a single site license, €99.00 for a 3 site license, and €199.00 for 10 sites. Note: the pricing is in Euros, so the American dollar exchange will be slightly higher.

Features overview

  • Printable statements (invoices) for executed payouts
  • Tax and EU VAT support
  • Support for payouts made via the Payouts Service
  • Can be accessed via the affiliate area and WordPress dashboard
  • Define if the statement should list single payouts or paid referrals
  • Customizable statement numbers (define the invoice number, prefix, and suffix)
  • Extended affiliate settings with billing data fields which will be shown on the statement documents
  • Require billing data fields to be filled in order to access statements (optional)
  • Enter shop owner data that will be shown on the statement documents
  • Templates can be updated in order to create your own statement
  • Available in English and German. Translations ready!
  • Automatic plugin updates via WordPress dashboard

View Payout Statements

Post updated 8th September 2020.

Michael Beil

About the author: Michael Beil mashes keys for support at AffiliateWP. When he is not working, he tends to be drinking an iced Japanese coffee from his apartment in Germany.


  1. I am so happy! This is EXACTLY what I have been asking for. Awesome! I hope it will work well……. *fingers crossed*

    1. Hey Marieke,

      hopefully you like it 🙂

      Feel free to contact me when you have any questions and feature requests. Would be happy to enhance the addon with the ideas of the crowd 🙂

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