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AffiliateWP 2.8 is here! We’re excited to release one of our most-requested features of all time… a fully customizable affiliate registration form!

Before version 2.8 you could make minor changes to the form. But you needed extra add-ons or custom development to add any extra fields you might need. An extra cost and a lot more time.

Now, anyone using AffiliateWP can customize their affiliate registration form easily. NO CODE needed!

In 2.8, we’ve also added a feature to customize dynamic coupons, and added all blocks from our Blocks add-on into the core AffiliateWP plugin.

But first, let’s take a look at the star of 2.8…

Introducing a Customizable Affiliate Registration Form

As part of the improved Affiliate Registration block, you can now create one or more custom affiliate registration forms using the WordPress block editor.

A wee while back, we gave you a little preview of how this feature would work. And we’re so happy to finally bring it to you!

Here’s a list of what you can do with the new Affiliate Registration block:

  1. Add new custom fields to the registration form. For example: Twitter account, Instagram account, phone number, last name, YouTube channel.
  2. Remove any unwanted fields.
  3. Rename the field labels without resorting to translating strings, and change the placeholder text.
  4. Reorder fields using the block Drag feature or Move Up and Move Down buttons.
  5. Make specific fields required or not required.
  6. Change the Register Button text.

We’ve added some standard blocks to this form that mimic the default affiliate registration form that you’re used to. You can change them however you like!

Let’s look a little more closely at some of these features.

Add Custom Fields to the Affiliate Registration Form

You can add the affiliate registration form block to any page.

On any page, search for “/aff” in the block editor. Choose Affiliate Registration to add the form block to your page.

Add affiliate registration form

Then, add a custom field to the form by hovering between the existing fields, and clicking the plus “+” button.

Screenshot - custom affiliate registration form settings

Choose from the following default fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Account Email
  • Username
  • Payment Email
  • Website
  • Password
  • Phone
  • Textarea
  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Register Button

Once added, you can change the field label and placeholder text to anything you wish! No text string plugins required.

Remove Unwanted Fields

A simple form makes it faster and easier for potential affiliates to apply.

Aside from two particular fields – Username and Account Email – you can remove all other fields in the registration form with two clicks. On the field you want to remove, click the 3-dot menu button, then choose Remove block.

Remove field from affiliate registration form

By only adding fields that provide the affiliate information you need, you can quickly decide which affiliates to approve for your program.

Rename Field Labels and Change Placeholder Text

Customize every single field label, even the Username and Account Email fields. Add placeholder text to show examples of what information you want people to provide.

Screenshot - custom affiliate registration form settings

Reorder Fields With Drag and Drop

Now, it’s super easy to reorder fields using the block Drag feature or Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Reorder fields in the affiliate registration form

Make Specific Fields Required or Not Required

Easily toggle which fields are required or not required in the block settings for a field.

Make form fields required or not required

Note: There are two fields that are always required and these cannot be changed. These fields are the Username and Account Email. This is how affiliates are created as users on your WordPress site.

Change the Register Button Text

Finally, you can make the button text more interesting! You could use something like, “Send application” or “I’m ready to join!” instead of the default “Register”.

Change register button text in affiliate registration form

Pretty awesome, right?

We’re excited for you to use this feature because it’s going to make it so much easier to change your affiliate registration form.

And if you want to recruit top-performing affiliates, you need to collect the right information from the people who apply. 

With a custom affiliate registration form, you’ll save time reviewing applications. People who really want to join your program will take the time to fill out the form properly. And low quality affiliates will filter themselves out when asked to provide certain details.

Bring on the high quality affiliates and more sales!

Note: This form doesn’t include any conditional logic or payment options, so if you want those features and more, you’ll need a Professional license and Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms or Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms.

Customize Dynamic Coupons for Affiliates

Coupon marketing is a major part of an affiliate program. It’s especially important if you are wanting to recruit high profile content creators on social media.

Many influencers say their coupon codes out loud in videos and on social media stories. A long string of random letters isn’t easy to say quickly!

Automatically generated coupon codes are extremely effective for welcoming new affiliates to your affiliate program. But you told us that you want more customization over how these dynamic codes appear.

We heard you loud and clear!

You can now customize how auto-generated dynamic coupons appear for affiliates. This means you can show their username or custom text in the coupon for a more personalized experience.

In 2.8, the coupon’s format can be set to display an affiliate’s username, first name, coupon amount, coupon code, and even custom text.

There’s a new Dynamic Coupon Customization section on the Coupons settings tab where you can adjust these settings.

Choose the format you’d like to use from the drop-down menu. 

Customize appearance of dynamic coupon code

Some examples of how your new dynamic coupon code could look are:

  • LISA20OFF – {user_name}{coupon_amount}{custom_text}
  • BLACKFRIDAY-LISA – {custom_text}-{user_name}
  • SAVE30LISA – {custom_text}{coupon_amount}{user_name}

Your affiliates need more personalized codes which are easier to communicate, remember, print, and share. Personalized codes create more trust with potential customers.

Now you can generate more predictable and nicer looking dynamic coupon codes for your affiliates. They will feel more confident to share their coupons, potentially increasing sales.

Note: This feature is only available for customers using the WooCommerce integration.

Blocks Added to AffiliateWP

All the blocks from our blocks add-on have been merged into the core AffiliateWP plugin. There’s a block for every shortcode.

AffiliateWP blocks in core

The Affiliate Area block now behaves in the same way as the Affiliate Area shortcode. But this time, you can easily move the login form above the registration form!

And you can customize the registration form as described at the beginning of this article.

Blocks provide a better visual experience over shortcodes and are easier to configure. Now you don’t need to install a separate plugin to use AffiliateWP’s blocks!

And More…

Aside from the exciting new features above, AffiliateWP version 2.8 also includes 11 other enhancements and 3 fixes. See them all in the changelog.

These features are available now for all AffiliateWP license holders. So update your AffiliateWP plugin today and try them out for yourself.

If you’re not yet using AffiliateWP, you can purchase a license to get started with affiliate marketing today.

And we want to thank you for your ongoing support of AffiliateWP. We’re excited to keep bringing you more powerful features to help your affiliate program succeed!

Lisa Gibson

About the author: Lisa Gibson is a Marketing Manager at Awesome Motive.


  1. When editing with a Gutenberg, the Registration button and reCaptcha is not visible on the frontend when the AffiliateWP Registration block is inside a column.

  2. When we use customized form as explained above……affiliate is unable to login with the password given during registration form.

  3. Also Role does not change to Affiliate even if option “Automatically register new users as affiliates” is enabled/checked.

  4. Any way to change the form without using the blocks as I am using the theme DIVI and cannot use DIVI and gutenberg ??

    Surely there is a way seeing that DIVI is the #1 theme used right now.

    1. Hey Thomas! If you aren’t able to use blocks, I’d recommend creating a custom affiliate registration form using either Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms. We have two pro add-ons which can help with both:

      You can also customize the register.php template file provided but will require some development knowledge. Info about modifying template files can be found here:

      Hope that helps

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