4 ways to personalize your affiliates’ experience

Empowering your affiliates is crucial if you want them to go above and beyond to help your program thrive, but personalization is about more than just incentive; it’s what makes your affiliates feel truly valued. In this post we discuss some ways you can create a more personal and more inspiring experience for your affiliates!

How to write a winning affiliate newsletter

You already know that regularly communicating with your affiliates is one of the best ways to keep them engaged, but how do you craft that perfect newsletter that stands out in their inbox and inspires action? In this post we’ve collected some of the key ingredients to help you rock your affiliate newsletters, and get your affiliates moving!

The best places to find quality affiliates

Creating an affiliate program is one thing, but finding quality affiliates who are going to be the best match for your brand (and convert sales!) is another. In this post, we’ve compiled some of the best places online (and in the – gasp – real world) where you can find quality affiliates who can really make a difference to your program’s success.