The Store Credit add-on allows you to pay your affiliates in store credit that can then be redeemed for discounts on purchases on your website. Today the add-on was updated to version 2.0 and introduces support for Easy Digital Downloads through the EDD Wallet extension.

If you have been waiting for Easy Digital Downloads support, now is the time to install version 2.0!

With the EDD Wallet extension, store customers can maintain a “wallet” on your website. They can deposit funds into the wallet at anytime and then later use those funds to make purchases in your store.

When using Store Credit with EDD Wallet, referral earnings get deposited directly into the customer’s wallet.

Note: using Store Credit with Easy Digital Downloads requires the EDD Wallet extension. It can be purchased from the Easy Digital Downloads website.

Pippin Williamson

About the author: Pippin Williamson is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development.

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