After numerous requests, we’re excited to announce that an add-on for Lifetime Commissions is coming soon for our developer license holders.

The Lifetime Commissions add-on guarantees an affiliate will receive commissions on every future purchase from a customer they have previously referred. This is a huge incentive for any affiliate looking to promote your products and services.

Previously the only way to accomplish something similar was to set your cookie expiration to a very high value, but when cookies were cleared the affiliate would no longer be tracked. The Lifetime Commissions add-on will award commission even if the customer has cleared their browser cookies, or makes purchases using a different computer.

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Andrew Munro

About the author: Andrew Munro co-founded AffiliateWP in early 2014. His trusty treadmill desk allows him to write code at an incredible 3 mph, making him the fastest developer around.


  1. Wow, that will be a great feature. So the customer will be linked to his affiliate forever? Great! Will we be able to change or unlink that relationship if needed?

      1. Awesome! So excited to see how AffiliateWP is improving more and more. You are doing a really good job!!

        BTW, any change to develop an extension to support MLM? Os that would require a completely different architecture?

  2. This is awesome! I hope there would be an option where the affiliate can only earn lifetime commissions on the products he purchased himself. This would be great for back-end offers to make sure that the person is only recommending products he used himself.

  3. Any idea if this is going to take 2 months, 6 months, or more? I could really use this feature by March 2015, if possible.

  4. Hi there,

    Could you please let me know when the “The Lifetime Commissions add-on” would be added?

    If there any chance to receive an email promotional when this is complete in order to purchase it?

    Thanks for your time!



    1. Hi Juan, if you sign up to our email newsletter at the bottom of this site you’ll be notified when it’s released. Lifetime Commissions will be free to all developer license holders and cannot be purchased individually. Thanks for your interest!

      1. Hi Andrew,

        So this add-on will not be for Personal plans? I only have 1 site, and I dont need the developer license. I have a doubt about your plugin in Personal plan. Could you please let me know how the affiliate tracking works with all the purchases the referred users do?

  5. Looks great! Any progress on the launch date for this?

    Will you be able to do the following?
    1) Alter the percentage of payout manually?
    2) Offer one-off achievement based Bonuses in ADDITION to lifetime percentage?
    3) Press a button which activates the free gifting of a Tesla Model X to me (when they’re out of Beta in 2015)? 🙂

  6. Ahhh, I see this is already launched (and updated 🙂 ) Going to give it a spin in one of my next projects. Thanx!

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