Want to increase sales of your LearnDash courses? With our LearnDash integration, you can easily give your affiliates referral commissions for course purchases on this popular LMS platform.

To enable support for LearnDash, navigate to AffiliateWP » Settings » Integrationsand check the box next to LearnDash:

Once enabled, all courses purchased through LearnDash via Stripe Connect payments (PayPal and other payment gateways are not supported at this time), and tracking an affiliate will automatically generate referrals.

In AffiliateWP » Referrals, the Reference column displays the transaction number in link form:

LearnDash referral example in the Referrals list

Clicking on the link in the Reference column of the referral will take you directly to the transaction entry in LearnDash:

LearnDash transaction displayed after clicking the number in the referral's Reference column