Leaderboard Installation and Usage

How to Install and Use the Leaderboard Add-on for AffiliateWP

With the Leaderboard add-on for AffiliateWP you can show a leaderboard of your top affiliates. Show any number of affiliates and include their referrals, earnings and visits.

In this article, we’ll show you how to install and set up the Leaderboard add-on for AffiliateWP.

  1. Installing the Leaderboard Add-on
  2. Using the Leaderboard add-on

1. Installing the Leaderboard Add-on

Before we get started, be sure to install and activate AffiliateWP on your WordPress site.

Once you’ve got AffiliateWP installed and your license is verified, you’ll be able to quickly install and activate the Affiliate Landing Pages add-on.

After installing the Leaderboard add-on, there are no further steps required.

2. Using the Leaderboard add-on

Once installed and activated, you can add the [affiliate_leaderboard] shortcode to include the leaderboard data on any WordPress page. Below are the options available for the shortcode.

The default shortcode with no additional parameters will show 10 affiliates, ordered by referrals.


The number parameter can be used to control how many affiliates are shown in the leaderboard:

[affiliate_leaderboard number = "5"]

The referrals parameter can be used to show an affiliate’s referrals:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals = "yes"]

The earnings parameter can be used to show an affiliate’s Paid earnings:

[affiliate_leaderboard earnings = "yes"]

The visits parameter can be used to show an affiliate’s visits:

[affiliate_leaderboard visits = "yes"]

You can also list all 3 (referrals, paid earnings, visits) like this:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals = "yes" earnings = "yes" visits = "yes"]

The orderby parameter can be added to order the leaderboard by either referrals, earnings or visits:

[affiliate_leaderboard orderby = "referrals"]

[affiliate_leaderboard orderby = "earnings"]

[affiliate_leaderboard orderby = "visits"]

You can combine parameters as well.  For example, this shortcode would show the referrals count for each affiliate and order them by the referral count amount:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals = "yes" orderby = "referrals"]