The entire team is working on this game-changer.

A few weeks ago we told you about our new Affiliate Dashboard. It’s now in beta phase 2. Not an hour goes by that our global team of developers is not adding to the final polish. Your affiliates are going to l-o-v-e it.

What is the Affiliate Dashboard again?

The Affiliate Dashboard is a beautiful, mobile-friendly alternative to the Affiliate Area. You may have found that getting the Affiliate Area to look the way you want with your existing WordPress theme has been challenging in the past. If you have, this solution is for you.

It looks great and works great alongside any WordPress theme right out of the box. No customization or coding needed. Learn more about it here on our first beta announcement.

So, what’s new?

😃 Thanks for asking. We’re testing and retesting everything. We’re adding features that you might never really be aware of. These features will allow you to provide your affiliates with the tools they need to quickly get up and running to promote your product.

We have finished some big things you’ll like:

  • Payouts Service integration – registration forms and settings panels for the Payouts Service will look perfectly integrated
  • Store Credit integration – if you pay affiliate commissions with store credit the Affiliate Dashboard will integrate nicely with the Store Credit official free add-on
The Settings screen, showing a form for the affiliate to register with the Payouts Service
Register for the Payouts Service using this integrated form
The Settings screen, showing an affiliate their chosen payout method
Change payout method at any point
The Settings screen where an affiliate can enable payouts via store credit
Enable payouts via store credit
The Statistics screen, showing an affiliate's available store credit
Display store credit along with other statistics

We have completed fixes and tweaks that will make The Affiliate Dashboard oh-so-nice:

  • Fixes:
    • Using browser’s back/forward button now work on specific screens🔥
    • JavaScript errors on some screens are now fixed
    • Header has been optimized for smaller screen sizes
    • Icon colors now show correctly on visits screen
  • Tweaks:
    • Permalinks are now automatically flushed if 404 page detected 💯
    • The site name is no longer clickable
    • Affiliate URL fields have been optimized for smaller screens
  • And many more behind-the-scenes improvements

See it in action

If you are one of our affiliates, you can take the Affiliate Dashboard for a spin right now. First, log in to your AffiliateWP Affiliate Area. Next, you’ll see a button at the top to “Enable the Affiliate Dashboard Beta”. Lastly, you can switch back and forth as much as you want between the new Affiliate Dashboard and Affiliate Area.

Professional license holders can download and install the beta version. Log in to your account and you’ll see it under downloads. Remember, we strongly discourage installing beta software on your production server, but you can enjoy seeing it in action on your staging, development or local install.

If you are trying it out or helping us test the new add-on, we want to hear from you! Share what you like, love, or don’t like at any time.

Great! But…when will it be done?

As of today, we are on track to have it done before the end of Q1 2021. So, real soon!

Affiliate Dashboard Requirements:

  • A Professional license (upgrade today to get access to this and 14 other pro add-ons!)
  • AffiliateWP or newer, PHP 5.6 or newer, WordPress 5.0 or newer

Purchase a Professional license today to have access to this and 15 other pro add-ons

Login to upgrade your license to Professional or download the beta

Joe Wells

About the author: Joe is a Product Marketing Specialist at Awesome Motive. For years he’s been helping people and organizations kill it with WordPress. He is also the founder of a new alternative accounting solution for your side hustle or small biz called HustleBooks (powered by Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP). He and his family live and play just outside Detroit. A busy dad, he enjoys running, watching and creating films.


    1. Hi Maria. That’s great to hear! Regarding “sub affiliates” I assume you mean your team wants support for the third-party Multi-Level-Marketing add-ons? There will be an API and documentation coming out that allows them to integrate with this. So this can be added, however it will be up to them to update their code.

  1. Can’t wait – (literally) — LOL. The “visual” for something as important as this plays into the overall success of the program. Lots of software and plugins exist – so this is a HUGE jump up! From the user experience to the navigation/functionality….

  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we think this will help sites be intuitive and help people’s programs grow.

  3. You missed out the major part of this portal, customization of the theme color as well as flexibility to insert new link into affiliatewp portal

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