Today we’re excited to announce Affiliate Area Shortcodes, another free add-on available for all license holders.

Affiliate Area Shortcodes provides an additional 7 shortcodes, 1 for each tab of the affiliate area.

With these new shortcodes you’ll be able to:

  1. Create an Affiliate Area (without tabs) and stack each section in any order on 1 page.
  2. Put each shortcode on a separate page, essentially creating your own structure.
  3. Have more control over which areas the affiliates see and without having to modify a template file.

We hope you will find it useful!

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Andrew Munro

About the author: Andrew Munro co-founded AffiliateWP in early 2014. His trusty treadmill desk allows him to write code at an incredible 3 mph, making him the fastest developer around.

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