We have been hard at work on version 2.0 of AffiliateWP for several months and are just about ready to release it to everyone. This version introduces a lot of enhancements to AffiliateWP to help make your affiliate program better, more efficient, and more reliable.

In version 2.0, we have made 30+ enhancements to AffiliateWP and resolved 8 different bugs. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this new version.

Also please see the bottom of this post for instructions on how to install and test the beta.

Integration for Stripe through WP Simple Pay

Stripe.com is continually proving that they are one of the premier merchant processors. Since version 1.0 of AffiliateWP, many of our customers have requested support for referral tracking through Stripe Checkout. In version 2.0 we’re thrilled to announce support for Stripe Checkout through the popular WP Simple Pay plugin.

WP Simple Pay (Lite and Pro) allows you to easily embed Stripe Checkout payment forms on your website and now, with our new integration, you can also permit your affiliates to refer customers to your product or service and AffiliateWP will track referral commissions for sales that are processed through Stripe with WP Simple Pay.

Integration with WPForms

WPForms is one of the more recent contact form builder plugins available for WordPress and they’ve certainly made a splash. Version 2.0 of AffiliateWP now includes an integration with WPForms that allows you to track referrals for payments submitted through WPForms.

Integration with Give

Give is a great plugin that makes accepting donations easy. Whether you are raising money for a charity, a business expansion, medical bills, or any other cause, Give can help make it easy. AffiliateWP now supports tracking referral commissions for donations made through Give, providing you a great way to help grow your donations.

Integration with Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions, a plugin from Cozmoslabs, offers a complete membership solution, allowing you to accept member payments, manage members, create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content. In AffiliateWP 2.0, we have introduced a new integration that allows you to track affiliate referrals for membership and subscription purchases made through Paid Member Subscriptions.

Integration with Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a powerful form builder plugin. In version 2.0 of AffiliateWP we have introduced an integration that allows you to track referral commissions for payments submitted through Caldera Forms.

Improved export and payout file handling

We have introduced a new batch processing system that allows AffiliateWP to easily handle much larger data sets than previously possible. This improvement will greatly benefit large sites that have experienced problems with timeouts and other issues when attempting to generate payout files or export CSVs of the affiliate databases. It will also benefit smaller sites by giving site admins a smoother, less disruptive experience.

Fine-tuned meta capabilities

In 2.0 we’ve introduced additional meta capabilities that allow site admins to more greatly fine-tune what privileges user roles have. This includes capabilities for determining not only if a user can “manage” an affiliate object (affiliate, referral, visit, payout, REST consumer) but also if they have permission to view, add, edit, and delete. Each of these meta capabilities are separate so it’s now possible to have user roles that can add / edit objects but not delete them, or a role that can view objects but not manipulate them in any way.

Affiliate Area form settings

With 2.0 we have included new settings that allow site admins to choose which forms (login, registration or none) should be shown on the Affiliate Area to non-registered affiliates and we have introduced options that permit site admins to control which fields in the registration form are required and optional.

Additional improvements

Along with the highlights above, we’ve made a number of other improvements. These include:

  • Payout files can now be generated for individual affiliate accounts
  • The conversion rate for affiliates is now shown on the Reports page
  • Affiliate first and last names are now included in the CSV export file
  • A new option to blacklist specific referring URLs has been added
  • Creative thumbnails are now shown on the Creatives list table
  • Admin-visible-only notes can now be added to affiliate accounts
  • Support for Pakistani PKR has been added
  • Text strings throughout the admin area have been improved and made more consistent
  • Affiliate login and registration forms no longer have fixed input or label widths
  • Referrals generated through PayPal Buttons can now be automatically revoked when refunds are processed, if the referral status is Unpaid
  • REST API routes now include a full schema
  • Account status is now shown on the Edit Affiliate screen
  • Gravity Forms integration now blocks referrals from an affiliate’s own email address
  • Affiliates database now includes a column for “unpaid_earnings”
  • Unpaid Earnings are now visible in a column on the main Affiliates screen
  • Added new debug tools to frontend Javascript.

How to get the beta

Download and install automatically from plugins.php

If you have version 1.9.8 of AffiliateWP or later installed, you may opt into beta update notifications by navigating to Affiliates → Settings → Misc and checking the box for Opt into beta versions?.


Once opted-in, an update notification for the 2.0 beta will be shown in your Plugins page after the next plugins update check is run by WordPress.

At this time we anticipate the final release of 2.0 to land on January 24, 2017.

If you have any questions or issues with the beta, please let us know by leaving a comment below or submitting a support ticket.


Pippin Williamson

About the author: Pippin Williamson is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development.


  1. Hey guys awesome! Can’t wait.. love AffiliateWP

    One feature we DESPERATELY need.

    I need more control of how I pay the affiliate. I need to be able to go in and adjust the balance they are owed manually or something. I need to be able to add a ledger entry.

    For example I sell big ticket products via a launch style webinar. I pay out 50% of the commissions earned to the affiliate and shoot them a check 7 days after the promotion and the rest I pay out after the 30 day refund period. this keeps the affiliate motivated but there is no way for me to record this early payment so I have to do a lot of manual figuring out. Just a simple line item entry saying… pay this guy $5,000 it it would reflect in the reporting.

    Also on that note… occasionally we will get a chargeback and I’d like to go back an take this out of any future payments to that affiliate so again another line item reflecting this.

    Anyway we could get this in your next version? I bet you would be surprised how many affiliate need it.

    Also….any chance to make it so when I’m looking at my orders in Woocommerce I can see on the summary order screen which affiliate it is? (not just in the notes session) but actually right on the view….it would save me HOURS…. 🙂

    I’m pumped you are introducing the payout file per affiliate.

    Great job guys!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! We have several future improvements planned that should help you take care of those pain points.

  2. You guys do some incredible work, thanks for being awesome!

    We’re looking for a way to create affiliates via the plugin’s API (via an external form source). Meaning, if we have a customer fill out a wufoo or typeform form, we’d like to use Zapier.com to create a new affiliate on our site. Currently AffiliateWP is a trigger on Zapier, but not available as an action.

    The benefit of this is, whenever we have a customer fill out a survey, a promotional offer, or whatever (via these third party form tools), we’d be able to have them check a box that says “Sign Me Up As An Affiliate” and then have their contact info (that they typed in the entry form) automatically be used to create them as an affiliate…versus making them fill out an entirely separate affiliate registration form.

    Thoughts on when this will be available or if the new update has addressed this?

  3. This looks great, however I was really hoping to see that you fixed the ability to pay our affiliates through Stripe after the Stripe API change removed recipient objects. Even though this is causing trouble for us it seems like the new Stripe API provides even better options for AffiliateWP to integrate affiliate payouts with Stripe. There must be many AffiliateWP users here who are eagerly awaiting the return of this very useful feature as well. If not I really wonder how those who can’t use Paypal are paying their affiliates. Exporting for mass pay seems like a headache and our affiliates are really wanting to get paid to their debit cards!

    1. We would love to re-introduce it and, hopefully, in the future it will be. At this time, however, the Stripe API has a limitation that makes it not possible for us to do. Sadly it’s a system-level limitation right now, so it’s not even a choice for us to make.

      1. I see, what is the limitation? Does Stripe know about it? If all AffiliateWP users knew what the limitation is we could all contact Stripe and ask them to do something about it. Otherwise Stripe may just go on thinking there is no issue. They would probably take note if they received several inquiries from several people about it in a small amount of time.

  4. hi,
    i would be great if you have something like sending emails with invitation.

    like most professional referral systems, theres an option from where i can send invitation to all or selective contacts from my gmail/yahoo etc with my own referral link. like, dropbox or digitalocean for an example.

    it will help us to get contribution of those people who usually dont have any site or blog but they have a vast amount of contacts through their mail or social media.

    just an opinion if you wish to add it to your to do list 😉

      1. yes but that same can be done manually even without Affiliate Dashboard isnt it? for example, i can get my affilaite link and make a email template in mailchimp having that affiiliate link for invitation. but i was hoping to have that inside my affiliate dashboard so that my affiliates dont have to take the hassle.

        Please consider adding this feature, its really very usefull and i think this will make your product more unique then other affiliate programs available in the market.

  5. After upgrading to the beta (and I’ve run through this a few times), I get a permanently stuck ‘Upgrade Database’ message. Now, the first time I got it, I ran it, it seemed to work, but I checked the error logs when it showed back up. The error logs showed that i’d forgotten the ALTER permission on one table of this server, so maybe that caused it to fail in some way? Of course, I changed the permission set so no errors, but still it refuses to go away (though reports success). Anyway, since then I can not upgrade to 2.0 w/o this ‘Upgrade Database’ perpetually showing up. Any ideas? I think it has worked fine but the first error threw it off? Is there a database value I should check?


    1. We’re aware of the issue and have fixed it. Beta 2 will be released later today or tomorrow and will resolve it. Once you update to beta 2 (or the final 2.0 release), simply run the upgrade routine again and the notice will go away.

  6. Hello,
    After updating to I still see the buzz:

    Your database needs to be upgraded following the latest AffiliateWP update.
    After racking button, something is happening but the message will not disappear.

    1. That means one of the Javascript files is cached.

      Please clear your browser cache, do a hard refresh, and then try clicking the button again.

  7. After updating AffiliateWP and dashboard plugin, I am not able to access affiliate dashboard. When I login I always see a button with text “Loading…” instead of “Enable Affiliate Dashboard Beta”.
    I tried to reach support 2 times but no response.
    Really disappointed.

    1. Hello! I replied to you via support but haven’t heard back. I can also see you’ve contacted us another two times and we’ve never heard back each time. Could you please check your junk folder in case they are landing in there?

      If you clear your browser cache, does that fix it?

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