Today we are thrilled to announce the release of version 1.7 of AffiliateWP. This update has been in development for nearly 5 months and includes a significant number of improvements.

Over 30 distinct improvements are included in this release and 20+ bug fixes. Of the improvements, there are a few significant ones we would like to highlight.

s2Member integration

s2Member is a hugely popular membership / eCommerce plugin for WordPress and with v1.7 it is now an officially supported integration with AffiliateWP. You can learn more about enabling support for s2Member in our documentation.

Zippy Courses integration

Zippy Courses, a popular LMS system for WordPress, is now fully supported in AffiliateWP. With a single click, enable referral tracking in Zippy Courses.

WP EasyCart integration

WP EasyCart is a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress and is now officially supported by AffiliateWP. Enable the integration in settings and reward affiliates commissions on purchases they help generate for your store.

URL campaign tracking

In version 1.7, affiliate URLs can now include a campaign parameter to help you better track and monitor the performance of affiliate links.

Affiliate URL generator Statistics

Other improvements have been made throughout the plugin, along with numerous bug fixes as well.

New features:

  • URL Campaign tracking with full statistics in Affiliate Area
  • Affiliate rejection emails
  • New option to disable emails
  • New option to credit the last referrer
  • Option to disable referrals for specific forms in Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms
  • Referral information now displayed on order screen of Paid Memberships Pro
  • Per membership commission rates for Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress integrations
  • New option to configure the number of items shown per page in admin screens for Affiliates, Referrals, Visits, and Creatives
  • Affiliate accounts can now be created with any status
  • New integration for WP EasyCart
  • New integration for s2Member
  • New integration for Zippy Courses
  • reCaptcha version 2.0 now supported on registration screens
  • User import now supports importing just users of a specific role
  • User searching when creating affiliate accounts is now more reliable
  • New template file for creatives

Bugs fixed:

  • URL fragments improperly removed with [affiliate_referral_url] shortcode and URL generator in [affiliate_area]
  • Pretty permalinks cause 404 error on taxonomy archive pages
  • Creative previews are cropped improperly
  • Website URL field on registration form can be bypassed by entering a space
  • Shortcodes not registered properly during AJAX requests
  • Affiliate emails sent to payment email instead of account email
  • Incorrect total items count when filtering Visits table
  • Lower Delete bulk action not working properly
  • Referral rates cannot be set as 0
  • Fatal error during updates with iThemes Sync plugin
  • Emails not sent properly during automatic affiliate registration
  • Settings not properly sanitized during save
  • Commission rates set as 1% get changed to 100%
  • Missing and incorrect text domains on some text strings
  • No admin notice shown when referral is deleted
Pippin Williamson

About the author: Pippin Williamson is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development.


  1. It’s a pity that none of the new features included the integration support for UserPro. Not sure how long it will take for that to be released but hopefully I’ll still be alive when it does.

    I do love many of the features that you’ve included in this release though, URL Campaign Tracking is extremely useful.

  2. Great job, appreciate the continued development, especially when it comes to WooCommerce elements.

    So now that we have the option to credit the last referrer, does that mean the default is (and was) 1st referrer got the credit (based on cookie duration), and the only way to override either selection would be a referrers coupon code overriding the cookie?

    1. The default is (and will remain) the first referrer, except when using coupons.

      Affiliate coupon codes override the referrer, regardless of which setting is used.

  3. Any plans to disallow affiliate referrals from sources we seem inappropriate? For example we know a specific Facebook URL where our payment rules disallow referrals and we cannot see that a referral came from that URL or a list of disallowed url’s.

  4. Hey guys I am trying to find a plugin that you work with or a setting amongst your system that gives the administrator and affiliate a statistics/ back office that is more astetically pleasing to the eye.

    thanks and bear with me, I’m new.


    1. Hi John,

      Have you already used our system and are now asking if there is an improved reporting area or are you asking if ours is aesthetically pleasing?

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