We are thrilled to announce that version 1.2 of AffiliateWP is now available for download from your account page and your WordPress Dashboard. Version 1.2 has been in development for several months and includes a large number of highly requested features, including per-product referral rates, an interface for creating affiliate creatives, and many more improvements throughout the plugin.


Per-Product Referral Rates

With version 1.2, you can now set referral rates on a per-product basis. Per-product referral rates are supported for both Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, with more integrations on the way.

Affiliate Creatives

We have introduced a new admin section for affiliate creatives that you can share with your affiliates. Easily add image and text creatives which are shown in affiliate area for your affiliates. Creatives can also be shown anywhere with a simple shortcode.

Improved Affiliate Area

The Affiliate Area has been simplified and improved with the introduction of a tabbed interface.

Integration with EDD Commissions

If you use Commissions for Easy Digital Downloads, you can now automatically adjust the commission rate when a referral is present.

New Primary URL and Promotion Method Fields

The affiliate registration form now includes fields for learning how your affiliates will be promoting your products and services.

Registration Form Retains Values on Error

When there’s an error on the affiliate registration form, it no longer clears the entire form, making it easier for your affiliates to complete their registration.

Improved Affiliate Review Process

Affiliate applications now include a more thorough review screen that lets you easily review the affiliate’s URL, email, and intended promotional methods the affiliate will use.

Improved Affiliate Deletion

When you delete an affiliate account, you now have the option to also delete the user account and all affiliate data.

Option to Disable the TOS Field

The Terms of Service checkbox on the affiliate registration form will now automatically be disabled when the corresponding page is not set in the admin.

Enhanced Visit Search Options

The Visits page now can be searched with various methods in order to view visits from specific affiliates, referrals, and more.

We are really excited to finally have version 1.2 out the door and are really looking forward to some of the new avenues it allows us to traverse in the near future, including the upcoming introduction of Stripe Payouts and PayPal Adaptive Payments.

If you have any questions or issues with the version 1.2 update, just let us know!

Pippin Williamson

About the author: Pippin Williamson is the founder and CEO of Sandhills Development.


  1. I pay PayKickstart $100pm just because the use Paypal adaptive payments to enable vendors to pay their affiliates instant commissions yet their is no where near as good AffiliateWP. I would rather pay AffiliateWP $100 pm if they would just developed and addon to enable PayPal Adaptive payments

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