Due to the rapid nature of software development, the current version of AffiliateWP may differ slightly from what is shown below. All screenshots below are current as of AffiliateWP v1.9.

Affiliate Area screenshots

The Affiliate Area is where your affiliates log in, it’s shown on the front-end of your website. When AffiliateWP is first installed, this page is automatically created for you. Shown below are screenshots of the Affiliate Area using the default Twenty Sixteen WordPress theme. Depending on your theme you have installed, the Affiliate Area may look different. AffiliateWP relies on the theme’s CSS styling so it can seamlessly blend into your website. Click on any image to explore the screenshot gallery.

Admin screenshots

AffiliateWP allows you to effectively manage your affiliate program via a new “Affiliates” section in the WordPress admin. AffiliateWP provides a seamless experience by beautifully integrating with the WordPress admin.