Last month we released version 1.1 of Lifetime Commissions, making the add-on simpler and more reliable. We also added 4 new integrations!

1. Gravity Forms
2. Ninja Forms
3. Paid Memberships Pro
4. Restrict Content Pro

Today we’re excited to release version 1.2 which allows you to set either a global, or per-affiliate lifetime referral rate.

Setting a global lifetime referral rate in Lifetime Commissions
Lifetime Commissions v1.2 introduces lifetime referral rates

This feature allows you to set a new lifetime referral rate that affiliates are awarded on subsequent purchases by a linked customer (via Lifetime Commissions). You can define the per-affiliate lifetime referral rate to be higher or lower than the global lifetime referral rate.

Here’s an example:

An affiliate named Sally has her default referral rate set to 20%. Her lifetime referral rate is 30%. When she first refers a customer who then completes a conversion (purchases a product/submits a form), she is awarded a 20% commission as expected. However, if the customer returns who is linked to Sally, and the customer purchases or submits a form again, Sally will receive a 30% commission on that purchase or submission.

A big thank you to Timothy Jacobs of Iron Bound Designs who helped with the development of this feature!

What other features would you like to see in Lifetime Commissions? We’d love to know!

Andrew Munro

About the author: Andrew Munro co-founded AffiliateWP in early 2014. His trusty treadmill desk allows him to write code at an incredible 3 mph, making him the fastest developer around.


  1. It would be great if the lifetime rate could stop being paid if certain conditions are or are not met. So for example

    * if less than X new referrals in past Y months then the commission stops being paid.

    * if less than X amount in sales has not been achieved in Y months then the commission stops being paid.

    * if less than X new people associated with the affiliate in past Y months then the commission stops being paid.

    And other rules that I am sure people will want. Ideally there should be a way to define the rules with either “and” or “or” or “and/or” rules so that you can build up some complex rules of when and when not commission gets paid etc.

    1. Hi Nathan!

      Great idea, we’re planning to add a simple expiration option for lifetime referrals that you can set on a per-affiliate or global level. So after X amount of time, an affiliate will stop receiving lifetime referrals altogether.

      Once we do that, we could introduce some conditions. Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

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