Affiliate Groups

AffiliateWP allows you to group affiliates and set more granular referral rates based on the affiliate’s group association.

The Affiliate Groups are managed through the Affiliates option under the main AffiliateWP menu in the WordPress admin:

Affiliate Groups in WordPress Dashboard

Adding Affiliate Groups

To create a new group, fill in the Add New Group fields:

You will be presented with a simple form to fill out.

  • Name – This is a name given to the group and will be shown on the site.
  • Set this group as the default group for new affiliates – When enabled, all new affiliates that register on the site will automatically be added to this group.
  • Description – This is the description for the group. This text will only be shown in the admin area and is for the site owner’s reference.
  • Enable custom rate for all affiliates in this group – When enabled all affiliates in the group will have this referral rate set which will override the global and per-affiliate rate settings.

When enabling the custom rate, you can set the referral rate as well as choose whether to use a percentage or a flat rate.

  • Referral Rate – This is the referral rate that will be applied to all affiliates within the group.
  • Rate Type – Select the rate type for the affiliate group.
Add affiliate group with a percentage rate type

When setting a flat rate you will be able to select whether the rate applies to an entire order or per product.

Add affiliate group with a flat rate  type

Once you have created and saved the new group, it will be shown in the list when navigating to AffiliateWP » Affiliates » Groups:

Affiliate Groups list

From the Affiliate Groups list, you can view the details of each group.

Each group will display the name, description (if applicable), the referral rate, rate type, flat rate basis, and how many affiliates are in the group. If you click the Count number then you will be taken to a list of affiliates that are in that group.

Adding Affiliates to Groups

To add an Affiliate to a group, simply navigate to AffiliateWP » Affiliates and choose the affiliate you’d like to add and click on their name.

On the edit screen below the Affiliate Status will be a Group selection. Here you can choose from the available Affiliate Groups.

Choose group for affiliate

Once affiliates have been added to group(s) then when viewing the main affiliates screen at AffiliateWP » Affiliates you will see which group the affiliate belongs to as well as a notice bubble next to the affiliate rate.

Affiliate list notice that affiliate is part of affiliate group

The notice points out that the affiliate is part of an affiliate group and the rate that is shown for the affiliate could be changed based on the group that they are part of. This notice is also visible when editing individual affiliate accounts.

Affiliate list notice that affiliate is part of a group

And that’s it! Now you can organize your affiliates in groups and set more granular custom rates for those groups.