One of the most requested features in AffiliateWP is to auto-create a tracked affiliate coupon when an affiliate registers. This allows an affiliate to get a coupon code they can share immediately after they register and start earning commissions anytime their coupon is used by a customer.

Presently AffiliateWP allows you to manually create a coupon and assign it to an affiliate via the affiliate coupon tracking feature in integrations that supports affiliate coupon tracking. While the affiliate coupon tracking feature works perfectly, it is cumbersome if you have lots of affiliates and you have to create or edit a coupon for them all.

In AffiliateWP 2.6 we are introducing a new feature called Dynamic Affiliate Coupons that will make tracked affiliate coupon generation and management easier.

Dynamic affiliate coupons only work with the WooCommerce integration. Support for other integrations will be added later.

With dynamic affiliate coupons, a tracked affiliate coupon can now be automatically created when an affiliate registers. All dynamic affiliate coupons are based on a single coupon template. This makes it easier to edit all dynamic affiliate coupons as only a single coupon (Coupon Template) will have to be updated.

Tracked affiliate coupons can still be created in supported integrations.


  • Auto-create dynamic coupon for affiliate when they register
  • Generate/Override all dynamic affiliate coupons
  • Set a coupon template that all dynamic affiliate coupons will be based on
  • Generate/Delete a dynamic coupon for an affiliate on the edit affiliate screen
  • {registration_coupon} email template tag

Use Case

A use case of the dynamic affiliate coupon feature is if you want to assign a 10% off coupon to all affiliates to share so that they can earn a commission off each sale when their coupon is used. Prior to dynamic affiliate coupons, you will have to manually create a 10% off coupon for each affiliate. Now imagine if you have 500 affiliates.

With dynamic affiliate coupons, you need to create a 10% off coupon in WooCommerce and set this coupon as the Coupon Template in the Coupons settings tab. So anytime a dynamic affiliate coupon is used, a 10% discount will be applied to the order and a referral will be created for the affiliate.

If you want to change all the dynamic affiliate coupons to a 5% off coupon, all you need to do is edit the coupon template to a 5% off coupon and all dynamic affiliate coupons will now give a 5% off discount to the customer. If you don’t want all the dynamic affiliate coupons to work, you just need to unset the Coupon Template on the Coupons settings tab.

Managing Dynamic Affiliate Coupons

Coupons Settings Screen

When the WooCommerce integration is enabled, a Coupons tab will be added to the AffiliateWP settings page.

You can set the coupon template that all dynamic affiliate coupons will be based on and if a dynamic coupon should be automatically generated for affiliates when they register.

Dynamic coupons settings
Dynamic coupons settings screen
Coupons Tools Screen

You can also bulk generate coupons or override existing dynamic coupons for all affiliates on the Coupons tab on the Tools page.

Generate dynamic coupons for all affiliates
Generate/Override dynamic coupons for all affiliates
Edit Affiliate Screen

On the edit affiliate screen, an affiliate dynamic coupon can be generated or deleted.

Edit affiliate screen - Manage dynamic coupons
Generate or delete an affiliate dynamic coupon on the edit affiliate screen
{registration_coupon} Email Template Tag

A new email template tag {registration_coupon} has been added if you want to add the dynamic affiliate coupon to the welcome email that is sent to the affiliate when they register

Dynamic affiliate coupon in affiliate application accepted email
Dynamic affiliate coupon in affiliate application accepted email

Show Affiliate Coupons

With AffiliateWP 2.6, the Show Affiliate Coupons add-on is no longer required. AffiliateWP 2.6 now has all the add-on’s functionality built right in and supports the same integrations. After upgrading to 2.6, you can safely remove this add-on from your site.

Download Now

Version 2.6 is available now. You can download it from your account page or update directly from your WordPress plugins screen if the plugin is already installed with a valid license key. Don’t have a license key? Visit our Pricing page.


    1. Hi Marriah! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It looks like we’ll need to push out a small update for the Affiliate Area Tabs add-on to fix this issue with AffiliateWP 2.6.

  1. Is there a way to add some personality to those coupon codes, like dynamically generate them using merge tags, like First Name and Discount Percentage? So it would be FNAME10 for example? Something to help make the codes more memorable and personal. A random coupon code is much harder to memorize and retain, from an affiliate or customer’s perspective.

      1. Yes this is essential. We have 500+ affiliates but there has to be some personalization to this feature.

        No one wants to say “Hey use my code “HSGDHANXYHSER%$” to get 10% off.

          1. Agreed. All my affiliates typically want to use their Instagram name or something.

  2. Any news on release date of the feature to customize this code? I would love this feature for the 2 coupons that we now manually create for each affiliate and I would love to automate this process. However, this only makes sense to us if we are able to use variables like USERNAME, etc.

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