It was a little over 2 weeks ago when we released Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms. Today we’re excited to announce Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms.

Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms is our newest pro add-on, making it exceptionally easy to create a custom registration form for your affiliates using the popular WordPress form plugin, Gravity Forms.

Add any field to your affiliate registration form


Use any of the default fields provided by Gravity Forms, or the 3 new field types added to the new “AffiliateWP Fields” group. As you’d expect with Gravity Forms, you can drag and drop fields to re-order, make fields required, and label them however you’d like.

Create a simple affiliate registration form


Only the email field is required to create your affiliate registration form. If no username field is added, the affiliate’s WordPress username is automatically created from their email address. If no password field is added, a password is automatically generated for the affiliate and emailed to them.

Create an advanced affiliate registration form


Create custom email tags for AffiliateWP emails


By enabling the “Create AffiliateWP email tag” checkbox, a new email tag will automatically be created which you can use in any of AffiliateWP’s emails.

See form submission data on the review affiliate screen


If you require affiliate approval, everything that the affiliate has submitted will be shown to you when reviewing their application.

View an affiliate’s registration submission at any time


Once an affiliate has registered, their original submission can be viewed at any time from the Affiliates → Edit Affiliate screen.

Add affiliates to your mailing list when they register

Using the mailing list add-ons available for Gravity Forms you can send your affiliates to your mailing list.

Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms is available today from the account page for all Professional and Ultimate license holders. If you have a Personal or Plus license, you can upgrade with just a couple of clicks from your account page.

If you’d like to instantly get access to this exciting new pro add-on + 8 other pro add-ons, click the button below to purchase a Professional license!

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Andrew Munro

About the author: Andrew Munro co-founded AffiliateWP in early 2014. His trusty treadmill desk allows him to write code at an incredible 3 mph, making him the fastest developer around.


  1. Awesome work. Left a comment when you released the ninja forms extension hoping that this would be next. Didn’t expect it nearly this quickly. Great job @sumobi_

  2. Well, I just realized the AffiliateWP login form will still be insecure without Simple Comments, because this add-on only creates a registration form. I’ve been waiting quite a while for a secure login form. Right now I have to keep the Affiliate area behind the WooCommerce login form, which Simple Comments protects. Maybe it’s time to finally let me add that filter I need to integrate Simple Comments, so it can protect the AffiliateWP login and registration forms from brute force attacks.

    1. Hey Todd,

      There are very simple ways to integrate your Simple Comments into the AffiliateWP log in form. If you refer back to the original ticket you opened on Github, I shared how it can be done. A simple add-on could do the trick quite nicely.

  3. Hi,

    Can i use affiliateWP to track new user signup for our membership ( no payment involved ) via gravityform which referred by our affiliate?

    So that I can reward ( monetary ) the affiliate who refer new members through their link to sign up via gravity form.

    Thank you.

  4. Looks promising & helpful folks. BTW, while searching on the net for Gravity Forms, I came across the following site: which is better I think.

  5. Why does if the user buy something through any form and enter coupon code with %100 discount no any commission going to referal.

    how to make the coupons not disabled the commission ?

    1. Is your question related to the Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms add-on above? It sounds like you are referring to Gravity Forms, their coupons add-on, and tracked affiliate coupons within AffiliateWP. If referrals are enabled for the form and a coupon has been linked to an affiliate, a purchase with a 100% discount isn’t going to leave any commission for the affiliate since the customer paid $0.00. Please open up a support ticket if you need assistance:

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