Affiliate Area Tabs allows you to add custom tabs to AffiliateWP’s Affiliate Area. Each custom tab is linked to a WordPress page making it exceptionally easy to add and manage the tab’s content.

Here are just some of the things you could do with custom tabs:

  1. Add a “Request Payout” tab and then insert a form. Your affiliates can now request that they be paid at any time
  2. Add a “Contact” tab and insert a contact form. Your affiliates can now contact you from the Affiliate Area
  3. Add a “FAQs” tab and insert some common questions and answers for your affiliates
  4. Add an “Important Dates” tab and list some special dates and promotions for your affiliates to remember
  5. Add a “URLs” tab and list some special URLs (landing pages or product pages) for your affiliates. You can even show their own referral URL using AffiliateWP’s [affiliate_referral_url] shortcode
  6. Add a “Leaderboard” tab and insert an affiliate leaderboard, using the AffiliateWP Leaderboard add-on
  7. Add a “News” tab and share important news with your affiliates (or link to other blog posts).
  8. Add an “Affiliate Brand Assets” or “Downloadables” tab, and add documents or images from your WordPress Media Library that don’t suit the existing Creatives tab.

Simplified admin interface

Affiliate Area Tabs has a simple admin interface, allowing you to edit, add, hide or delete tabs with ease:

Affiliate Area Tabs sports a simple admin interface

Drag and drop tab reordering

To reorder tabs, simply click and drag a tab to a new location and save:

Tabs can be reordered via drag and drop

The Affiliate Area will then show the tabs in the order specified:

Tabs in the Affiliate Area will show in the order specified from the settings
The Affiliate Area as styled by the Themedd theme (

Manage tabs added by AffiliateWP add-ons

Other AffiliateWP add-ons such as Direct Link TrackingShow Affiliate Coupons and Order Details For Affiliates add their own custom tab to the Affiliate Area. These tabs appear directly within the admin interface of Affiliate Area Tabs and can be hidden and reordered, just like any other tab.

Tabs added via AffiliateWP add-ons display within the tab list and can be managed like any other tab