This add-on adds a new area to the affiliate’s dashboard that allows a logged-in affiliate to see specific information about the order that generated their referral.

Currently supported integrations

  1. Easy Digital Downloads
  2. WooCommerce


  1. Affiliates can see order details for each referral they generated from their affiliate dashboard or any page using the included [affiliate_order_details] shortcode
  2. Globally enable access to the order details for all affiliates
  3. Enable access on a per-affiliate level to the order details
  4. Send an email to the affiliate with the order details included
  5. Disable specific information from showing to the affiliate

The following details can be shown to an affiliate who has access:

  1. Order Number
  2. Order Date
  3. Order Total
  4. Referral Amount
  5. Customer Name
  6. Customer Email
  7. Customer Phone (only available in WooCommerce)
  8. Customer Shipping Address (only available in WooCommerce)
  9. Customer Billing Address (only available in WooCommerce)

In addition to disabling the information that is shown, you can customize the layout by copying the dashboard-tab-order-details.php template file from the add-on’s template folder, and into your child theme’s affiliatewp folder.

The affiliate will also be emailed these details at the time the referral is created.