Janna Gilleland

Wow! You guys have done it again! I never cease to be impressed by the quality and ingenuity that comes from this team. AffiliateWP is feature packed right out the door and ridiculously easy to set up and use. So easy in fact, that after about a 5 minute install and configuration I had to scratch my head and say ‘Wait, what? That can’t be it can it?’. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

What this plugin does for WordPress far surpasses any affiliate solution that I have found. Everything that I’ve used up to this point has been over polluted and unnecessarily complicated, but AffiliateWP is simple, clean, easy to use and here’s the best part, it just works. No bull, no smoke and mirrors, out of the box it works, beautifully.

On top of all that, it is supported by an industry changing team that is beyond comparison. Never will you find a group of developers more committed to excellence and future development than these guys. Truly a great plugin and an amazing resource. Thank you!