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Track referrals on opt-ins with AffiliateWP’s ConvertKit integration. Effortlessly track referrals, manage affiliates, and export contacts to ConvertKit to grow your lead generation. Set up your affiliate program in minutes and integrate with ConvertKit.

Track ConvertKit opt-ins

Automatically Track ConvertKit Opt-Ins

AffiliateWP makes it easy to create a ConvertKit opt-in form that automatically tracks referrals. Incentivize affiliates with a small commission, and start growing your ConvertKit email list through affiliate marketing. 

  • Track Referrals on Opt-Ins: Allow affiliates to promote your sign-up forms by tracking referrals and offering a small commission for opt-ins.
  • Supercharge Your Lead Generation: Affiliates can boost your lead generation by promoting your sign-up forms to new audiences. 
  • One-Click Affiliate Payments: Keeping track of referrals and paying affiliates couldn’t be easier with AffiliateWP.
Automate affiliate newsletters

Unleash the Full Power of Your Email Marketing

AffiliateWP + ConvertKit allows you to combine the power of affiliate marketing and email marketing. Get your emails in front of a bigger audience with the help of innovative affiliates.

  • Quickly Grow Your Audience: Affiliates can grow your email list rapidly, helping you get your message in front of a bigger audience. 
  • Easily Manage Affiliates: AffiliateWP gives you the tools you need to manage affiliates without hassle. 
  • Automate Your Tracking: Sit back and relax while AffiliateWP automatically does the affiliate tracking in the background.
How to add affiliate tracking to ConvertKit

Next Steps to Add Affiliate Tracking to ConvertKit

You can easily create trackable opt-in forms with ConvertKit. When a visitor submits the form, their email address is sent to ConvertKit and a referral is generated for the affiliate who referred them. See our helpful documentation to learn more.

  • Install AffiliateWP
  • Add an opt-in block or shortcode to your page

Start Getting More Sales Today with AffiliateWP

Launch your affiliate program today and unlock a new revenue channel to grow your business faster.

Explore Our Powerful Affiliate Marketing Features

AffiliateWP is packed full of features to grow your business more quickly.

Easy Setup

Easily launch your affiliate program with our 1-click integration for WooCommerce + 28 other eCommerce and form plugins.Continue reading

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Advanced Affiliate Tracking

Reliably track referral links, affiliate coupon codes, custom landing pages, cross-domain promotions, direct link tracking, and more.Continue reading

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Powerful Affiliate Management

We make affiliate management effortless. Customize affiliate registration, onboarding, approval process, payouts, and more.Continue reading

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Detailed Affiliate Reports

Get detailed affiliate reports to see what’s working and what’s not, so you can grow your affiliate program and get more sales.Continue reading

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1-Click Payouts

Easily pay all your affiliates with a single click using Stripe or PayPal. Helps save you a few hours each month.Continue reading

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Custom Affiliate Dashboard

Custom branded affiliate dashboard that shows your affiliates all the important information they need to succeed.Continue reading

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Smart Commission Rules

Setup commission structure that works for your business. Includes one-time, recurring, tiered, lifetime, & personalized commissions.Continue reading

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Unlimited Creatives

Create unique referral links, affiliate banners, affiliate coupons, custom affiliate landing pages, affiliate QR codes, and more.Continue reading

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Affiliate Growth Tools

Maximize your affiliate program with our growth tools including email marketing, affiliate leaderboard for contests, and more.Continue reading

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Fully Customizable

AffiliateWP is built to adapt to your workflow. You can customize everything with hooks, filters, templates, and REST API. Continue reading

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Fully Internationalized

Launch an affiliate program in your language. AffiliateWP is used by businesses worldwide. Supports over 30 languages. Continue reading

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Grow your business with affiliate marketing

Grow Your Brand and Boost Conversions

AffiliateWP is the most powerful WordPress affiliate plugin. Set up your affiliate program in just a few minutes to start tracking referrals.

  • Get More Out of Your Marketing Budget
    Build an army of affiliate marketers who work on commission. You only pay when they make a referral.
  • Access Professional Marketers
    Gain access to highly skilled marketers with the knowledge and tools to grow your sales.
  • Focus on the Tasks that Will Grow your Business
    Let affiliates take some of the responsibility for implementing complex marketing strategies.
  • Immediately Grow Your Brand Reach
    Affiliates can introduce your brand to large, targeted audiences almost overnight (in a cost-effective way).

Over 80% of brands run affiliate programs.


Affiliate marketing is the top customer acquisition channel for 40% of US merchants.


More than 85% of marketers expect affiliate marketing revenue to grow.

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