WP Simple Pay

Important: Only enable this integration if you are using the WP Simple Pay plugin as your only source for payments and/or subscriptions. If your eCommerce/Membership plugins already provide Stripe payment functionality, do not enable this integration.

Stripe is supported by AffiliateWP through the WP Simple Pay plugin, which provides an easy way to embed payment forms using Stripe on your WordPress site.

To track affiliate referrals with AffiliateWP and Stripe, you will need:

Once the above requirements are met, you can enable referral tracking for purchases made through Stripe by navigating to  Affiliates » Settings » Integrations and checking the box for Stripe (through WP Simple Pay).

Once the Stripe integration is enabled, all purchase forms set up through WP Simple Pay will be able to generate referral records for affiliates.

When referrals are recorded, the Reference column will be set to the Stripe Charge ID (transaction ID) and will link directly to your Stripe account’s charge details page so you can easily review purchases.

WP Simple Pay Reference column

Compatibility Notes

Is the Recurring Referrals add-on supported by this Stripe integration?

Yes, as of Recurring Referrals version 1.6!

Is the Lifetime Commissions add-on supported by this Stripe integration?

No, not at this time.

Are referrals rejected automatically when charges are refunded in Stripe?

No, not at this time.

Do I have to use WP Simple Pay or can I embed custom Stripe forms on my site?

Using WP Simple Pay to place the purchase forms on your site is required. Custom Stripe forms created outside of WP Simple Pay are not supported at this time.

Can I set per-purchase-form referral rates?

No, not at this time.