Supported languages

Below is the current list of languages AffiliateWP supports with the language files included in the core AffiliateWP plugin.

  1. Available Languages
  2. WPML Compatibility

1. Available Languages

  • ar – Arabic
  • bg_BG – Bulgarian
  • cs_CZ – Czech (Czech Republic)
  • de_DE – German (Germany)
  • en – English
  • es_AR – Spanish (Argentina)
  • es_ES – Spanish (Spain)
  • es_MX – Spanish (Mexico)
  • fa_IR – Farsi (Iran)
  • fr_FR – French (France)
  • hi_IN – Hindi (India)
  • hr_CRO – Croatian (Croatia)
  • hu_HU – Hungarian (Hungary)
  • hy_AM – Armenian (Armenia)
  • id_ID – Indonesian (Indonesia)
  • it_IT – Italian (Italy)
  • ja – Japanese
  • ms_MY – Malay (Malaysia)
  • nb_NO – Norwegian (Bokmål/Norway)
  • nl_NL – Dutch (Netherlands)
  • pl_PL – Polish (Poland)
  • pt_BR – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ro_RO – Romanian (Romania)
  • ru_RU – Russian (Russia)
  • sr_RS – Serbian
  • sv_SE – Swedish
  • th – Thai
  • tr_TR – Turkish (Turkey)
  • zh_CN – Simplified Chinese
  • zh_TW – Traditional Chinese

2. Does AffiliateWP support the WPML plugin? 

Currently the WPML plugin has partial compatibility with AffiliateWP.

  • Most importantly, AffiliateWP tracks affiliates with standard and “pretty” links successfully when using non-English languages with WPML. This is as long as the setting Disable browser language redirect is selected, which is the default setting in the Browser language redirect section.
  • The URL setup we would recommend is to use the Different languages in directories setting for the different languages, which is in the default in the Language URL format section.
  • All of the above settings can be found in WPML » Languages in the WP admin.
  • To use the Custom Link Generator in the default affiliate-area’s Affiliate URLs page — your affiliates will need to switch to the default language. The Custom Link Generator works correctly for links in all languages when operated from the default language environment.
  • Lastly, when translating the email content sent to your affiliates in AffiliateWP » Settings » Emails, there is currently not a way to set multiple versions of each email for each language separately. As a workaround, it is recommended to include a version of each language you are supporting combined in the main, default language email settings for each email content section. Also, email template tags must remain in English.