Migrating from WP Affiliate

AffiliateWP includes a one-click migration tool that allows you to move all affiliate accounts from WP Affiliate by Tips and Tricks HQ to AffiliateWP.

The migration tool can be found at AffiliateWP » Tools » Migration Assistant and looks like this:

  1. To begin the migration process, ensure that both the WP Affiliates and AffiliateWP plugins are active.
  2. Click on Migrate Data from WP Affiliate to begin the migration process.

Depending on the number of affiliate accounts you have accumulated, the migration process can take a while. It will perform the migration in batches, processing 100 records at a time. You will see the page refresh after each step / batch is completed.


  • The migration process should only ever be performed on a brand new install of AffiliateWP
  • Custom referral rates are migrated but other custom attributes are not.

If user accounts do not already exist for the affiliate accounts in WP Affiliate, the migration process will create them so that your affiliates can log into their Affiliate Area.