1. To enable support for Give, navigate to AffiliateWP » Settings » Integrationscheck the box that says Give, then click Save Changes:
  2. Navigate to Donations » All Forms and click on your donation form (or click the edit link underneath the form title).
  3. In the AffiliateWP metabox, enable the checkbox to Allow Referrals:
  4. Click Update to save your form.

That’s it! When a customer clicks on an affiliate’s referral link and makes a donation on the form you have allowed referrals for, AffiliateWP will now generate a referral:

GiveWP referrals

In AffiliateWP » Referrals, the Reference column refers to the donation ID in Give.

When viewing a donation, the Donation Notes section will show a note indicating a referral was created for the donation:

GiveWP donation notes

Form-specific rates

The referral rate used to calculate an affiliate’s commission amount on donations can be set on a per-form basis. To set a form-specific rate, go to the edit screen for a donation form and enter the the rate you wish to use in the Affiliate Rate input field in the AffiliateWP metabox:

GiveWP form allow referrals

If an affiliate has an affiliate-specific rate, their custom rate will always take precedence over this form-specific rate.