Affiliate Signup Widget

We often receive the question “How do I get affiliates?” If you’re integrating with WooCommerce and are an Pro license holder, we’ve made the recruitment process a little easier with the Affiliate Signup Widget. This feature will display a signup widget to encourage your existing customers to register as an affiliate, so they can begin promoting your website and earning referral commissions.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable, and configure the Affiliate Signup Widget, as well as list the different areas where it will appear for your customers to take action.

  1. Enabling the widget
  2. Configuring the settings
  3. Locations where the widget will display
  4. Conditions for the widget to display

1. Enabling the Affiliate Signup Widget settings

To start, go to AffiliateWP » Settings » Affiliates, and enable the two settings that are required to allow the widget to display.

  • Allow Affiliate Registration
  • Convert customers into affiliates using the affiliate signup widget
settings - affiliates - enable widget

2. Configuring the settings

Once the widget setting is enabled, this section will appear on the page. Changes you make here will be reflected on-the-fly, so you can experiment visually with messaging and colors associated with your brand.

affiliate signup widget settings

Affiliate Terms of Use – the affiliate terms-of-use link will be added to the widget automatically if the page is set

Brand Color – click anywhere in the color swatch, and this will bring up a color picker to match your brand

brand color picker location

Image – upload an image file as the background for the widget, and use the color picker to adjust the overlay shading

Preview Affiliate Signup Completion – when you slide this to the right, you will see a preview of the widget after the button has been clicked. This also provides a button to copy their new affiliate link, so they can begin sharing and promoting your site.

3. Locations where the widget will display

The widget will display in these three WooCommerce – My account sections

Checkout confirmation – order details

checkout order confirmation

Dashboard tab

Orders tab after clicking an order link to view the details

4. Conditions for the widget to display

  • WooCommerce integration must be enabled in AffiliateWP » Settings » Integrations
  • The customer viewing the site must be logged in, and not already an affiliate, or, the customer is logged out, and has made a guest purchase
  • The Allow Affiliate Registration checkbox must be enabled
  • The user making the purchase has at least one previous order with a status of Completed
  • The widget is available exclusively to Pro license holders