WP-CLI Commands

AffiliateWP 1.9 and later offers a variety of WP-CLI commands for managing affiliate, creative, payout, referral, visit, and system data from the command-line on the fly. Getting Started WP-CLI command support in AffiliateWP is broken up into two main groups:…Continue reading

Adding a new tab to the Affiliate Area

This article outlines how to add a new custom tab and its content to theAffiliate Area (without the use of an add-on like Affiliate Area Tabs). Below we’ll cover the following steps: Registering the tab within AffiliateWP. Adding the tab’s…Continue reading

Minimum Requirements Roadmap

In the past, enforcing minimum requirements for AffiliateWP and its add-ons has always been a loose concept, but as our codebase has matured, so has our approach to pushing our minimum requirements – and by extension our ability to innovate…Continue reading

REST API v1 Setup and Usage

How to Set Up and Use the REST API v1 AffiliateWP has a slew of read-only REST endpoints that build upon the infrastructure included with WordPress 4.4 and later. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up and…Continue reading