It can sometimes be difficult to get affiliates to register on your website. This plugin aims to make this easier by enticing affiliates with a sign up bonus.

How it works

When an affiliate registers through the AffiliateWP registration form, or you manually add an affiliate from within the admin, a sign up bonus will be awarded (amount set from within the settings). This bonus is created in the form of a referral with a description of “Sign Up Bonus”, which can be viewed from the Affiliates → Referrals screen in the admin. The affiliate will see this on the “Unpaid Earnings” and “Referrals” sections of their affiliate dashboard.

When “Require approval” is enabled from AffiliateWP’s settings, the affiliate will not receive the sign up bonus until their application is approved. Likewise, if you manually add an affiliate from within the admin, the sign up bonus is not created until they are approved.

AffiliateWP v1.7 introduced the ability to manually add an affiliate (from the admin) with an affiliate status. If the “pending” status is chosen, the sign up bonus will not be created until the affiliate has been approved.

If you’re using AffiliateWP 1.7 or higher you’ll also see 2 new fields on the add affiliate screen:

Sign Up Bonus – Allows you to enable or disable the sign up bonus on a per-affiliate basis

Sign Up Bonus Amount – Allows you to set the sign up bonus on a per-affiliate basis, overriding the global sign up bonus setting.

Note: It would be a good idea to include a minimum payout amount in your site’s affiliate terms and conditions or you may have affiliates registering and requesting a payout straight away.

Affiliate Sign Up Bonus
You can enter an amount all affiliates should receive when they register
Sign Up Bonus and Sign Up Bonus Amount
While adding an affiliate, you can override the global sign up bonus, or choose not to award a sign up bonus