Display affiliate-based dynamic content whenever the affiliate’s referrals visit your site.


A lightweight social sharing plugin developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach for Google Core Web Vitals.

WP Webhooks

Automates specific AffiliateWP tasks on your WordPress website using webhooks.

ARMember integration

Integrates AffiliateWP with ARMember. This integration allows you to set up a preferable commission rate based on the membership plan and customize the behavior of the affiliate registration.

External Tracker for AffiliateWP

Track AffiliateWP conversions, visits, and referring URLs from external landing pages.

ConvertKit integration

Adds a newsletter signup option to the affiliates register form.

Sendy integration

Adds a newsletter signup option to the affiliates register form.

Upsell plugin integration for AffiliateWP

Integrates AffiliateWP with the Upsell plugin. Allows your affiliates to generate commissions during every step of your sales funnel. Affiliates will earn a referral if a customer purchases an order bump, upsell, and/or a downsell.

SendOwl integration for AffiliateWP

Allows site owners who use SendOwl to host digital products to integrate with AffiliateWP. Affiliates can promote any of your digital products hosted on SendOwl by sharing their referral link.

Cross Domain Tracker for AffiliateWP

Allow affiliates to promote your WordPress-based marketing sites and still generate a visit on your main AffiliateWP-powered website. It also supports AffiliateWP's campaign tracking and Credit Last Referrer option.

Crypto for AffiliateWP

Allows site owners to pay their affiliates directly with Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. The plugin fetches real time exchange rates which are used to convert your AffiliateWP referral currency to the affiliate's chosen cryptocurrency (at the time of payment). Payments can be made using MetaMask and other various adapters.

Social Warfare – AffiliateWP

Allow your affiliates to share every page as an affiliate link through Social Warfare's sharing buttons.


Gamify your AffiliateWP-powered site with GamiPress, a powerful points and achievements management plugin.

WooNinjas Salesforce WP to Lead with AffiliateWP

Create AffiliateWP referrals when submitting "Salesforce WordPress to Lead" plugin forms.


Aggregate all of the payouts for the tax year that are marked as “Paid” for each affiliate. If an affiliate reaches $600 in total payouts at the end of the year, this plugin will automatically collect and process a form 1099-MISC for that affiliate.

Payout Statements

Create printable payout statements for your affiliates.

Event Espresso 4 AffiliateWP Integration

Integrate AffiliateWP with Event Espresso 4 and allow your affiliates to promote your events.

Variable Rates

Automatically adjust your affiliate commission rates based on the purchase amount of the customer’s order.

Affiliate Groups

Allows you to create affiliate categories and set commission rates and other settings on a group-by-group basis. Also integrates with the 'Multi-level Affiliates' add-on to allow multi-level rates to be configured on a group basis.

Group Switcher

Group Switcher allows an affiliate's group (category) to be automatically set or changed based on certain triggers such as earnings total, referral counts, membership or product purchases and more. This add-on makes groups work like ranks, rewarding affiliates for achievements or for purchasing higher paying commission rates.

Advanced Payouts

Extends AffiliateWP to include a new payout request workflow and more.

AffiliateWP Ranks

Create a ranking system for your affiliates.


Allow affiliates to be added to your ActiveCampaign campaign

Product Affiliate Links

Display product referral links in the affiliate area

Advanced Statistics

Show advanced statistics to your affiliates

Easy Social Share Buttons

Allow affiliates to easily promote your pages to social media

Pay as Points

Allows you to pay your affiliates with points instead of money, promoting that affiliates spend their commissions on your site. Payments can be made manually or automatically after a referral is generated. It integrates with 'WooCommerce Points and Rewards' and other points plugins.

Performance Bonuses

Boost your sales by rewarding your affiliates with special bonuses


Integrate each user’s AffiliateWP Account with their BuddyPress Profile.


Allow affiliates to be added to your GetResponse campaign

E-Junkie Affiliate Import

Automatically import affiliates from E-Junkie


Adds a newsletter signup checkbox to the affiliates register form.

Affiliate Banners Widget

Easily display AffiliateWP banners via a widget.