The following add-ons are not official AffiliateWP-built add-ons, and are therefore only supported by the developers who maintain them. If you need support for any of these add-ons, please reach out to the developer by clicking on the relevant link below.

  • Cross Domain Tracker for AffiliateWP

    Allow affiliates to promote your WordPress-based marketing sites and still generate a visit on your main AffiliateWP-powered website. It also supports AffiliateWP's campaign tracking and Credit Last Referrer option.

  • Social Warfare – AffiliateWP

    Allow your affiliates to share every page as an affiliate link through Social Warfare's sharing buttons.

  • GamiPress

    Gamify your AffiliateWP-powered site with GamiPress, a powerful points and achievements management plugin.

  • WooNinjas Salesforce WP to Lead with AffiliateWP

    Create AffiliateWP referrals when submitting "Salesforce WordPress to Lead" plugin forms.

  • WP1099

    Aggregate all of the payouts for the tax year that are marked as “Paid” for each affiliate. If an affiliate reaches $600 in total payouts at the end of the year, this plugin will automatically collect and process a form 1099-MISC for that affiliate.

  • Payout Statements

    Create printable payout statements for your affiliates.

  • Event Espresso 4 AffiliateWP Integration

    Integrate AffiliateWP with Event Espresso 4 and allow your affiliates to promote your events.

  • Variable Rates

    Automatically adjust your affiliate commission rates based on the purchase amount of the customer’s order.

  • Multi-level Affiliates

    Set up a Multi-level Marketing system so affiliates can earn commissions from both direct referrals, and indirect referrals generated by sub-affiliates.

  • Affiliate Groups

    Allows you to create groups (aka categories) of affiliates and set various options and capabilities on a group by group basis.

  • Advanced Payouts

    Extends AffiliateWP to include a new payout request workflow and more.

  • AffiliateWP Ranks

    Create a ranking system for your affiliates.

  • ActiveCampaign

    Allow affiliates to be added to your ActiveCampaign campaign

  • Product Affiliate Links

    Display product referral links in the affiliate area

  • Advanced Statistics

    Show advanced statistics to your affiliates

  • Easy Social Share Buttons

    Allow affiliates to easily promote your pages to social media

  • Social Media Toolkit

    Enable your affiliates to share any page across social media with a single click.

  • Pay as Points

    Pay your affiliates with WooCommerce Points.

  • Performance Bonuses

    Boost your sales by rewarding your affiliates with special bonuses

  • BuddyPress

    Integrate each user’s AffiliateWP Account with their BuddyPress Profile.

  • Multi-level Marketing

    Turn your affiliate network into a full-blown Multi-level Marketing system.

  • GetResponse

    Allow affiliates to be added to your GetResponse campaign

  • E-Junkie Affiliate Import

    Automatically import affiliates from E-Junkie

  • MailChimp

    Adds a newsletter signup checkbox to the affiliates register form.

  • Affiliate Banners Widget

    Easily display AffiliateWP banners via a widget.